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Updates and Announcements

Marie Smibert Writing Studies Student Achievement Prizes 2015 – 2016

 Have you written an outstanding essay or project in a Writing Studies course this year? If so, we encourage you – students in eligible Writing Studies courses 2015 – 2016 (May to April) – to submit entries and compete for the Marie Smibert Writing Studies Student Achievement Prizes 2015 – 2016.

There are four Categories, and there is a first prize of $300.00, and up to two Honourable Mention prizes of $250.00 each, available for each Category. You can submit only one entry in a Category, but you can of course compete in more than one Category. For complete information, including a list of eligible courses, click here, and for the required Entry Form, click here.

Web Registration 2015-16

If you have a question or concern about registration (Writing course selection, Writing course requirements, or related matters), please first read the course descriptions and program/module descriptions (and linked 'Worksheets' as applicable). You will find links to those descriptions in the 'Undergraduate' drop-down menu. If your questions are not answered by the information in those documents, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Program Director/Writing Studies, Prof. Brock Eayrs, directly by email at beayrs@uwo.ca. You will receive a response within 36 hours.

Special permission procedures for 2015-16: please refer to FAQ

Writing 4999E - Creative Writing Thesis 2015-16

With the surge in enrolments in creative writing modules here at Western, students looking to take the fourth year thesis and directed study course, where you have an opportunity to author an original piece of your choosing under the full year guidance of one of our faculty members, should acquaint themselves with the course requirements as soon possible. All pertinent information for students wishing to enroll for the 2015-16 offering should click here for further instructions. Please contact the department with any additional questions or concerns.  

Poynt Poetry Winners 2016

The Department of English & Writing Studies is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Alfred R. Poynt Award in Poetry. The Department is proud to acknowledge Emma Croll-Baehre (1st place winner), Marta Croll-Baehre (2nd place winner), as well as Robyn Obermeyer, Brittany Renaud and Noelle Schnidt as the Judge's Choice winners. For full details on the winning submissions, contest details, and the panel of this year's judges, click here. Check back soon for details about the forthcoming 2017 award competition.


Media mogul to university students: "learn to write" before all else

The NY Times has published an incisive Q&A with HGTV/Food TV CEO and reality television innovator Kathleen Finch detailing the traits she looks for in new grads looking to break into the media industry. The most coveted skill set? You guessed it: being a skilled, consistent, and confident writer across the disciplines. Her insights echo what countless captains of industry and culture makers alike have been saying in recent years, and what the projected job figures suggest. Read the full interview here.     

Language Day 2015 a resounding success

On April 24th, 2015, Writing Studies held its second annual Language Day workshop for students in the Ignite5 program with the Thames Valley District School Board. The event was, once again, a great success, and a dynamic video showcasing the day's activities and participants has been created by one of the teachers in attendance and is now available for viewing. Special thanks to Professor Michael Fox for being (once again) the event organizer, as well as to Professors Michael Arntfield, Tom Hull, Miranda Green-Barteet, David Heap, Stephanie Kelly, and Miriam Love for moderating the sessions. 

Congratulations to Writing Studies student Katarina Galat

Fourth year student Katarina Galat, due to graduate from Western this year, has been accepted into the exclusive two-year Masters program in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. This is one of the most selective and competitive graduate programs in writing in Canada, and it should be noted that Katarina is a graduate of the Honors Specialization in Creative Writing and English Literature program here at Western. Congratulations Katarina, and we wish you great success. 

New study confirms humanities grads among the most employable 

Preliminary results of an incisive University of Ottawa study just released confirms some fascinating long-term trends with respect to the programs offered by Canada's research intensive universities like Western and their impact on earning power. For starters, graduates in the humanities were found to have found stable, full-time employment relatively quickly, including during intervals of severe economic downturn. Further, humanities grads saw early career increases in their average annual salaries at rates that exceeded those graduating in other disciplines. Read a detailed summary of the study here.    

Mission Statement

Writing Studies aims to provide students with the ability to affect the world, both inside and outside the university, by facilitating their becoming self-directed, creative, and intellectual agents able to engage effectively with and contribute to the resolution of problems through the use of language both written and spoken. Writing studies comprise the core activities of our contemporary social, political, and cultural world, and the study and mastery of the constitutive and social dynamics of writing, rhetorical theory, and texts will provide pragmatic and intellectual tools for our graduates throughout their professional, intellectual, and social lives.