Clubs and Groups

Arts & Humanities Student Council:

ahsc logoThe Arts and Humanities Students' Council's (AHSC) mission is to foster the pride and character of the Arts and Humanities student body, facilitate an exceptional student experience, and to communicate, interact and, most importantly, openly cooperate with the Arts & Humanities students and faculty. Throughout the year, the AHSC provides academic, philanthropic, and social programming for all students, not just those in the A&H faculty. During any AHSC event, the AHSC fosters an inclusive environment that caters to the diversity of the Arts and Humanities family at Western. The AHSC office is located in University College Building (UC), Room 2135 and is open Monday-Friday from 9:30am - 4:30pm. For more information on how to get involved in the AHSC, news about events, or resources about Western and the surrounding community, email the current Executive ( or visit the website.  Learn more




The Coterie: Undergraduate English Society

coterieWestern’s Undergraduate English Society is an organization that aims to enhance the academic and social experience of undergraduate English students at The University of Western Ontario. We offer a wide range of activities and services, including social events for English undergraduates; seminars given by Western alumni and other Canadian writers or poets; as well as academic information about and assistance with English courses. Some of our events include: the Professor Lecture Series (a chance for students to learn about the research interests of, and current research projects being conducted by, faculty members), the Career Panel (enlightenment with regard to various career paths open to English graduates), and the Poetry Slam (a popular competition where poets from all over come to perform their original works). The Coterie also seeks to forge a strong bond between faculty and students by increasing the communication between the two parties, which supports the club’s ultimate goal of fostering a positive and exciting learning environment for English students at Western. 



iconoclastComing at you in 2016 is a brand new interdisciplinary on-campus publication called ICONOCLAST that will be dedicated to creating content about art, culture, and politics – and anything you feel falls under these categories. We will be featuring visual art, photography, media and film, musical critiques and reflections, creative writing, think pieces, personal essays, and fashion writing. We will be publishing two editions of the publication a year – one per semester. They will appear both online and in print copies. In addition to these two editions we will also have a more regularly updated blog featuring more topical pieces, as well as events that will be announced throughout the year (think: prof and student discussion panels, podcasts, gallery showings, zine fairs, and everything in between). ​ We are looking for innovative and critical thinkers who have something to say, something to show, and above all have passion. We are looking for people who want to push boundaries, open up dialogues and conversations, share their work on a public platform, and develop a community of artists who are able to thrive together, learn from each other and inspire, as well as produce excellent content for the Western community. ​ If you’re interested, shoot an email to Emily Wood or Emma Cohen for more details at and, respectively. Or stay tuned towards the end of the summer for more information about submitting at the beginning of the year. In the meantime, get brewin’, make some art, write, go on adventures, create some projects, document it all, and then submit to us in the fall!


Gender Studies Student Collective (GSSC)

womens studies student collectiveGender, Sexuality, and Women Studies is more than just a department, it is filled with programs that promote creative thinking, learning outside the traditional standards and both academic and personal growth. The Women’s Studies Student Collective (GSSC) is responsible for expanding on that growth, allowing each individual to express themselves in a like-minded space where you can build a community outside of academics. Although we are small in numbers, the collective aims to be highly involved and active within Western University. This year we will be focusing on creating safe spaces on campus where Women’s Studies students can take a deep breath, discuss and grasp the intensity of the material we are introduced to. That is what we’re all about, creating these spaces and making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. In addition, we also aim to challenge and defeat the injustices that are present within our own community. All in all, we believe that it is important to take what you learn in the classroom and apply that knowledge to your everyday encounters. It is almost impossible to avoid doing so in our program, this is why the WSSC does more than simply represent Women’s Studies students but also involve and participate in feminist discussions and events. We welcome any individuals to join our collective and come to our events,



The Western Undergraduate Film Society (WUFS)

wufsWUFS is an organization with the goal of cultivating a new wave of budding filmmakers from the academic community. WUFS organizes film production workshops, film festivals, events, and their own publication, the Reel News. WUFS focuses on such areas as producing high caliber films for submission to the Western Film Festival. WUFS welcomes students with a passion for film, however lacking in productions skills, to join the organization and network with a group of like-minded peers. WUFS isn’t just about making films, it is also a group that organizes social events.

The annual $5.00 membership fee brings the student to the status of full membership which permits them entry into film production workshops, waives submission fees to WUFS festivals, allows them to contribute to the Reel’zine, and to also attend the annual end of the year film dinner party. Being a full member also gets you an invitation to join the Facebook page, where you can communicate with members. Learn more



Visual Arts Supporters Association (VASA):

vasaThe Visual Arts Supporters’ Association (VASA) is a departmental society governed by a student board of directors in the Department of Visual Arts at The University of Western Ontario. The society is dedicated to supporting Visual Arts students, generating community within the Visual Arts department and beyond, and integrating Visual Arts further into the culture at UWO.  Open to all students and faculty, VASA executes a wide variety of art-related events, based on the feedback and interests of its members.  Art sales, trips to cultural centres such as New York, life drawing sessions, and workshops in collaboration with artists in residence are just some of the most popular events in which students have had the opportunity to take part. Learn more


Classics Society

classics societyThe Classics Society was formed with the intent to provide students with opportunities to enhance their undergraduate experience. We have held various events so far that have included movie and pub nights and our Intent to Register Information Session. The Society will be organizing lecture series and study groups in the future to help students achieve more in their studies. Learn more



The Spanish Club

spanish club.png"Want to learn about Hispanic & Latin cultures? Learn or improve your Spanish-speaking? ¿Eres español(a) o latin@? ¡Ven diviértete con nosotros! This club offers various opportunities from learning and improving the Spanish language, to familiarizing students with Latin American and Spanish cultures, and along the way you’ll be able to meet new friends! Learn more




The Classics Society

classics society.png

The classics society is a departmental committee dedicated to bringing together anyone and everyone with an interest in ancient history. We welcome all members, from classics students, to those passionate about Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Eastern Mediterranean, to those who simply loved the Percy Jackson series as a kid (and still do!). We strive to make classics enjoyable outside of a classroom setting by organizing fun events that demonstrate the relevance of Classical Studies to a variety of disciplines and to everyday life. 

Throughout the year, we hold several in-person and virtual events. These events create an environment which encourages students to make new friends with those who share a passion for learning about the ancient world. We host free social events such as Classics-themed movie nights, Classics Jeopardy, guest lectures, ancient cooking classes, pottery nights, study sessions, and a trip to the ROM. We also offer an opportunity for students to be published in our departmental publication, Acta Diurna, which showcases academic papers, creative writing, and art. 

Learn more

The Coterie

the coterie.pngThe Coterie is a society of English and Writing students who are dedicated to building a community of passionate literature and writing students within the faculty. We help students find opportunities to share their work, connect with their peers and the English and Writing Faculty, as well as help create awareness about the opportunities available to students in university and beyond. We will be hosting a biannual poetry slam, as well as several various English and writing social events; in the past, this has included board game nights, book-to-movie film screenings, and academic and career information sessions. Coterie events are open to students from all faculties and every event is free to attend! If you’re in an English module looking to get more involved within the community, consider joining our executive team as a first-year representative and help shape what goes on in our department! Learn more