mildeMessage from Dean Michael Milde

Welcome Alumni 

"So what can you do with an Arts Degree?” I get asked that all the time (I wish I had a nickel….). My answer is a simple truth: you can do just about anything with an Arts degree. From bank president to performing artist, teacher to fund manager, politician to communications specialist, and everything in between and beyond. No one knows this truth better than you – our alumni – because you are living it every day. We would love to have you help us answer the great Arts question by sharing your story of life with an Arts Degree from Western. Send us a letter, an email, send us your pictures, your videos, your tweets. We would love to hear from you.

In 2017, The Faculty of Arts & Humanities developed School for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities (SASAH). The School allows us to harness and showcase the exceptional teaching and research talent that we have in the Faculty. This initiative allows us to continue attracting Canada’s top undergraduate students into a program that combines interdisciplinary study, experiential learning, international experiences, volunteer opportunities and extracurricular academic engagement. SASAH also provides a catalyst for academic collaborations and cutting-edge research projects. All of this supports the Faculty’s goal to become the destination of choice for top students and scholars from Canada and abroad.