Submit Intent to Register

Click here: Intent to Register

DEADLINE: You must submit your online Intent to Register form by 11:59 p.m. on March 31.

All students who want to change their status (full-time to part-time or vice versa) must submit a paper form.

The following students will submit a PAPER Intent to Register (ITR) form:

  • New Concurrent Degree students–Continuing Concurrent students can do online ITR
  • Reregistrants – students not currently registered this year but eligible to return to Western
  • All Second Degree Students
  • New Scholar’s Electives Students–Senior Scholar’s Electives Students can do online ITR
  • New Cross-Disciplinary Degree students–Continuing Cross-Disciplinary students can do online ITR
  • Post-Degree Module students
  • New Western Scholars – Continuing Western Scholars can do online ITR 

Please see an Academic Counsellor in The International and Graduate Affiars Building 1N20  for your paper Intent to Register form.