Special Permission

Course Overloads


In the Fall/Winter, a normal full time course load is 5.0 courses, balanced over two terms so that you are attending no more than five full or half courses at a time. If you have a strong academic record, the Counsellors may grant special permission to take a course load of 5.5 or 6.0 courses.

This permission may be requested during the summer online registration, however, students will not be permitted to add the additional course(s) until the Extended Web Registration (by calling the Registration Helpline at 519-661-2100) and Paper add/drop period. This allows all students the chance to obtain their 5.0 courses.


In the Summer session, all students are part time with a maximum of 3.0 courses. Since Summer is split into four sessions: Distance Studies, Summer Evening, Intersession, and Summer Day, students are also restricted to no more than 2.0 courses at the same time (ie: 1.0 Distance Studies, 1.0 Intersession, 1.0 Summer Day or 2.0 Summer Evening), and if 2.0 courses are taken simultaneously, only 1.0 of those may be an Honors or Lab/Tutorial course, and only 1.0 may be taken by Distance Studies

Special permission for an overload or additional Distance Studies can be considered, however, we must stress that the summer period is quite condensed. If permission is considered, students must be wary of the tight add/drop deadlines should the need to withdraw due to workload occur.

Courses at an Affiliated College (Brescia, Huron, King's)

Students are permitted to take 1.0 courses at an Affiliate College as long as that course is not also offered on Main Campus and that course is not restricted to students at the Affiliated College. In some cases, students may require home faculty permission. You can request this of your Academic Counsellor.

Lacking the Prerequisite

If you do not have the prerequisite for a course, you can request special permission of the Department. Students would seek the advice of the Department Undergraduate Chair in those circumstances.

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