Convocation Checklist

Main Requirements:

All four year degrees require at least 20.0 credits.  Scholar's Electives programs require 21.0.  (Please count if you have taken irregular course loads.)

Do not count repeats, antirequisites (such as overlapping stats courses).
You may count up to 7.0 first year courses.
You need 5.0 first year courses including two of Category B and A or C.
Before graduation you need all three: Category A, B, and C
You need 2.0 Designated Essay courses (E or F/G suffix) including at least one numbered 2000 or above.
Average: 60% over the 20 courses and 60% module average in the Specialization, Major or Minors in a BA. Higher averages are needed for Honors programs. See the program checklists
Modules: You need the essential modules for your degree and any additional modules you are registered in. Check the calendar to be sure you included courses in the proper number ranges and that you noticed any footnotes about overlapping courses and restricted courses.
Double Majors: If you expect a 70 average in both modules with no module course below 60, you can switch to honors and apply for the honors BA. If you know you will have less than 70, you can apply for the BA.

If you need to make a change to your degree or module, please come in to the Academic Counselling office in University College 2230 to fill out a Change of Status Form.  Your program must be correct when you apply!