Scholars Electives & Western Scholars

Western Scholars

Western Scholars is designed for exceptional student leaders interested in pursuing a unique and rewarding academic experience. They are invited to participate in extracurricular activities and are exposed to a wide variety of cultural, social, and academic events. The program is designated on your transcript and diploma.

To be eligible, students must have a minimum admission average of 90% and register as a full time student at Western.


  • Honors society, cultural and academic events
  • Traditional Western modular programs
  • At least 5.0 courses with an average of 80% and no mark less than 65%
  • 70% with no mark less than 65% on any additional summer courses

For more information, visit Western Scholars at the Academic Support & Engagement

Scholar's Electives

The Scholar's Electives program is for students who have a strong desire to achieve unique personal and academic goals. There are many academic and non-academic benefits associated with this program.

To be eligible, students must have an admission average of 90% or higher, demonstrated excellence both in and out of the classroom, and interest in pursuing a Scholar's Electives Module of interdisciplinary focus.

For more information, visit Scholar's Electives at the Academic Support & Engagement