It is the responsibility of the student to:

  • double check both the preliminary and final postings of the examination timetables for their courses
  • ensure that any examination conflicts are dealt with ahead of time
  • not make any travel plans until after the last day of exams, particularly before the Final exam schedule is posted
  • morning examinations are typically held at 9 a.m.; except Sundays, which are at 10 a.m.


  • If you have more than two examinations within 23 hours, contact your Academic Counsellor.
  • If you have a direct conflict between two final exams, you will be contacted via UWO Email once the final schedule is posted. If you do not receive an email, you MUST go to Student Centre Room 1120 WSS to make arrangements. For other direct conflicts (ie: a midterm and a final), email arts@uwo.ca

Accommodation Requests

Holy Days: Verify the conflict with the Final Exam Schedule and then email arts@uwo.ca to request accommodation.

Sleeping in, misreading the Timetable, flight arrangements: These are not considered grounds for accommodation and professors are not required to set a Special Examination if you miss an exam due to such reasons. If you are only a half hour late, you may be given permission to start the examination. Otherwise, email arts@uwo.ca as soon as possible. You are expected to schedule vacations and flights that don't conflict with the examination schedule.

Medical Illness, Compassionate issues:

  • Contact your the Academic Counselling office immediately by email to notify them of your illness. Please also follow through with your Professor(s) by email. 
  • For Medical Illnesses, visit a Physician and have them complete a Medical Form
  • For Compassionate issues, obtain appropriate documentation on letterhead (or as instructed by the Counselling Office).
  • Send all documentation to your Academic Counselling office (arts@uwo.ca) to discuss arranging an alternate examination. Accommodation of this nature will not be given without appropriate documentation.

Other Important Information: