Intent to Register

If you are planning to return in September, you must complete your Intent to Register online through the Student Center. By completing your ITR online, you are letting Western know that you are returning, and the program that you plan to take next year. If you do not do this, you will not be able to register for courses.

Please view a list of our ITR FAQ's here as well.

Follow the steps below to find out how to select your degree/module(s) and how to submit your Intent to Register form:

Step 1:

View your Academic Calendar online or the paper version in our office in University college 2230. Summer Calendars will be available online, and also in our office.

Step 2:

PRINT your academic record which is available online at “Student Centre” 

Step 3:

Read these instructions and visit the Registrar’s Intent to Register website Here

Read the 2019 Academic Calendar for information on degree and module choices.

Read our  Intent to Register Presentation (PDF format).

Step 4:

Information sessions and Counselling listed here  for you to make a good decision! (TBA)

Step 5: 

Submit your Intent to Register Form:  February 1 - March 31

The primary way to submit an Intent to Register form is online.

The following students will submit an ONLINE Intent to Register form:

All students currently registered in Years 1, 2, 3 & 4 who are entering module choices, or continuing in the same or different modular degree choices

All Special Students

All Certificate and Diploma students:

  • Certificate in Intercultural Communications for Arabic
  • Certificate in Intercultural Communications for German
  • Certificate in Intercultural Communications for Italian
  • Certificate in Intercultural Communications for Japanese
  • Certificate in Intercultural Communications for Spanish
  • Certificate in Ethics
  • Diploma in Ethics 
  • Certificat de français des affaires
  • Diplôme de français des affaires
  • Certificat de français pratique
  • Diplôme de français pratique
  • Certificate in Practical German
  • Certificate in Practical Italian
  • Certificate in Practical Spanish
  • Certificate in Theatre Arts
  • Certificate in Writing
  • Diploma in Writing
  • Certificate in Writing for Professional Programs
  • Diploma in Writing for Professional Programs

Ready to Submit your Intent to Register?

Click here: Intent to Register

DEADLINE: You must submit your online Intent to Register form by 11:59 p.m. on March 31.  

*New SASAH students - Continuing SASAH students can do online ITR*

The following students will submit a PAPER Intent to Register (ITR) form:

  • New Concurrent Degree students–Continuing Concurrent students can do online ITR
  • Reregistrants – students not currently registered this year but eligible to return to UWO
  • All Second Degree Students
  • New Scholar’s Electives Students–Senior Scholar’s Electives Students can do online ITR
  • New Cross-Disciplinary Degree students–Continuing Cross-Disciplinary students can do online ITR
  • Post-Degree Module students
  • New Western Scholars – Continuing Western Scholars can do online ITR 

Please see an Academic Counsellor in the International and Graduate Affairs Building 1N20 for counselling and a signature for your paper Intent to Register form.