Dean's Honor Lists

Undergraduate students with outstanding academic records are named to the Dean’s Honor List in May and August of each year.

  • In May of each year the Dean of each Faculty establishes an Honor List containing the names of all full time students registered in that Faculty who completed a minimum of 4.0 courses during the previous Fall/Winter Session (September - April) and earned an average for the session of 80% or more with no failed courses.
  • Part time students may qualify for the list in May or August each time they accumulate a new set of at least 5.0 consecutive courses and earn an 80% average with no failed courses within that set.
  • Full or part time graduating students who attained Dean’s Honor List standing at their last checkpoint and maintained a cumulative average of 80% on any courses taken from then until graduation will be named to the Dean’s Honor List upon graduation.

Note: Grades received on a Letter of Permission will be included in the average.

Dean's Honor List Certificates

You can print your own certificate through the Student Center online system. Under "My Academics", select "Honors and Awards". If you are eligible, you will see "Dean's Honor List" as an option and a print button in the table.

2021-2022 Dean's Honor List

Congratulations all of our students named to the 2021-2022 Dean's Honor List