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Carmichael - PostmodernThomas Carmichael

Postmodern Times: A Critical Guide to the Contempoary (editor)

These fifteen essays engage topics from architecture to politics and fast food to film, revealing the problems and potential of postmodern cultural criticism. Contributors include such preeminent scholars and critics as Linda Hutcheon on opera, Henry Giroux on education, and Charles Jencks on architecture, among others. Postmodern Times serves as a valuable guide for those interested in art, politics, literature, popular culture, and the new media. 2000, Northern Illinois University Press.

Constructive Criticism: The Human Science in the Age of Theory (editor)

The proliferation of theories in the human sciences in recent decades has proceeded with little self-conscious evaluation of their assumptions and directions. The essays in this collection provide a rethinking of the theoretical enterprise and explore the need for theory to examine its own claims to authority; its relation to traditional practice in specific disciplines; its status as a historical phenomenon; and its tendency to overlook some lines of inquiry while enabling others. The essays explore the transformation of the human sciences in the three decades since North America was introduced to French structuralism and poststructuralism. The work of significant theorists, such as Foucault, Hegel, Kant, Derrida, Habermas, and Ricoeur, is examined in relation to areas of critical and cultural concern, including literature, feminism, ethnocentrism, AIDS, opera, dance, and education. Contributors include prominent Canadian scholars as well as leading theorists from Britain and the United States. 1995, University of Toronto Press.

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