WesternREM (WREM)

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The human research ethics team launched WesternREM, its new online protocol submission platform, on September 7, 2017, replacing ROMEO. 

Please Note: We have updated our WREM application forms on January 31, 2024, which will require the current Project Owner (listed on Work Area screen & Collaborators tab) to update the projects within WREM.

When you log in to WREM, you will notice the following message at the top of the project screen: “Warning: The project owner must update your project in order to submit this form.”

The message appears only when there has been an update to the application form(s). The Project Owner will need to accept the update prior to a) submitting an application form and/or b) completing an application you have been working on when the message appeared.

New WREM Users: To request access to the WREM system click on the New User button on the WREM login page. Please ensure that you are using your Western or London Hospital email address when requesting access to the WREM system and are completing all profile fields. If you will be taking part in Hospital affiliated research please use the same email address in your WREM account as your Lawson ReDA account. 

All newly created projects meeting Lawson Health Research Institute criteria must first be submitted here.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the ReDA or LORA systems please contact Lawson at lawsonapproval@lawsonresearch.com.

Training Materials


Training sessions are continuing to be offered by our office. These sessions will cover the full slate of the ethics submissions processes, including: setting up accounts, adding/removing research personnel, submitting initial studies and post-approval submissions (e.g., amendments, continuing reviews, study closures, reportable events, etc.), general system navigation and where to access training materials.

To see a list of sessions that we are currently offering please visit our Workshops & Seminars page.

Additional Information