The office of Human Research Ethics launched WesternREM, its new online protocol submission platform, on September 7, 2017, replacing ROMEO. WesternREM was implemented to streamline the human ethics submission process, and to allow users to better track a protocol's progress through its review. This system addresses a number of challenges users experienced with ROMEO. WesternREM is:

  • a web-based Research Ethics Review System provided by Infonetica to meet the needs of researchers and REBs, enabling research ethics reviews, document management and communication between the REB and the researcher;
  • built on the principles of transparency and consistency in submission requirements;
  • designed to streamline the ethics process and aims to deliver significant productivity gains, from the time of application to approval; and it
  • provides transparent and timely information to applicants regarding REB review status.

WREM Login

Please note: all newly created projects meeting Lawson Health Research Institute criteria must first be submitted here.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the ReDA or LORA systems please contact Lawson at lawsonapproval@lawsonresearch.com

Training Materials


In-person, online and lab-based training sessions continue to be offered. These sessions cover the full slate of the ethics submissions processes, including: setting up accounts, adding/removing research personnel, submitting initial studies and post-approval submissions (e.g., amendments, continuing reviews, study closures, reportable events, etc.), general system navigation and where to access training materials.

To attend a session please click HERE to see a list of the sessions that we are currently offering. 

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