Frequently Asked Questions

What new system are you using?

The new system was purchased from Infonetica Ltd., which specializes in research management, ethics management, ethics approval and compliance training solutions. The system we are calling Western Research Ethics Manager (WesternREM) is a web-based electronic platform for conducting research ethics reviews and is built using modern infrastructure that exhibits a vast set of features, while maintaining an easy-to-use interface.

The Health Sciences REB has used this system since 2015 for multi-centre clinical trial studies submitted through Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO), for which Western's HSREB acts as the REB of record. CTO’s system, called CTO Stream, has been developed in partnership with Infonetica. This continued relationship ensures CTO Stream and WesternREM will be continuously monitored and maintained to meet the needs of researchers and REBs.

Why is Western switching from ROMEO to Infonetica?

  • To streamline the ethics submission process;
  • To centralize communications on one platform;
  • To ensure all materials are electronic;
  • To improve turnaround time from submission to approval;
  • To make the ethics submission process more transparent, and to provide status updates through the platform; and
  • To be able to extract data and generate reports that can be used to identify gaps/delays and ultimately improve operating efficiency.

How do I login?

A WesternREM account will automatically be generated for all researchers and research support staff with a pre-existing Romeo account. Once the account has been set up, researchers will receive an email regarding instructions for logging in and changing the password.

What if I don't have an account in ROMEO?

If you don't have an account in ROMEO and will be submitting a study into the new system, or require access to the WREM, you will be required to set up an account. To do so, please click on New User at

Will my REB study ID number change?

No; your current six-digit REB number for all studies will remain the same in WesternREM.

What happens to my studies that are in ROMEO?

We are migrating currently approved studies in two phases. During the first phase, all studies that have received REB approval in ROMEO prior to August 31, 2017 will be migrated. This migration will include full study title, REB number, PI name, all Research Support Staff name(s), start date, end date, if Lawson-affiliated, and FDA status. Any information about post-approval events, including amendments, Continuing Ethics Reviews (CER), Reportable Events (e.g., SAE, PD, DSMC, FYI) will not be migrated during the first phase. This information will be migrated at a later date, during the second phase of migration. All studies that have received REB approval in ROMEO after August 31, 2017, and the corresponding post-approval events for these studies, will also be migrated during the second phase.

Important Note: No study documents will be migrated with the files. You will need to either retrieve these documents from your files, by logging in to ROMEO, or by contacting the human research ethics team.

How long will ROMEO be accessible?

ROMEO will remain available until further notice to finalize outstanding recommendations from the human research ethics team and to access old files submitted in ROMEO.

Where can I find educational materials?

Ongoing training will be available.

What browsers does WesternREM support?

WesternREM currently supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

What happens if a student who is Project Owner leaves without transferring ownership?

The human research ethics team, who has been given Super User access for all files you submit, will be able to go into the file to assist you with this. Please contact our office for assistance should this occur. 

Can I print a copy of the form to fill it out prior to inputting it into WREM?

You will not be able to print a copy of the form before it is absolutely complete (and because WREM uses smart forms, it eliminates questions that are unnecessary to your application).