Research Western

Research Facilitation

Grant facilitation support is available at varying degrees within individual faculties. Associate Deans (Research) and support staff in Grant Facilitator roles can be contacted for assistance. Click here for a listing of individuals in these faculty roles at Western.

Proposal preparation is key to a successful application; however, there are many participants in the Research Administration enterprise at Western. "Resources Supporting Research @ Western" are vast and include guidance provided for funding programs identified as having strategic importance to the university, as well as Research Program Development, Compliance, Human Resources, Purchasing, Technology Transfer, Financial and General Grant Administration.

Life of a Grant Workflow

Finding Funding

Research Development & Services provides available funding sources within the ROLA Funding Opportunities listing. This funding web page through RD&S:

Research Western also uses PIVOT Expertise Database as a tool to help individuals find appropriate funding for their research.

Application Preparation/Review

While the responsibility for the development of the research proposal lies with the applicant, Research Western assists, where possible, to:

Individuals are recommended to have all applications for funding critically reviewed by peers and colleagues prior to final submission. All applications for research funding require the submission of a ROLA Proposal at the time of request for institutional approvals.


Agreements/Contracts binding the University must be reviewed and approved by the University. In some cases, the researcher and his/her department Chair are asked to approve an agreement; however, a representative from Research Development & Services must always endorse any such binding agreements between the University and any sponsor.

Complete and final contracts/agreements are institutionally approved and submitted through to the Sponsor through Research Development & Services.


Funding results are most often provided to Research Development & Services, but in some cases the individual will receive the information directly from the Sponsor. Should this be the case, the individual is asked to forward the information to RD&S immediately in order to complete the Proposal process.

Funded applications are awarded through ROLA and a research account and speedcode are assigned. Funding is released to the account holder when all compliance requirements are in place.

Processes to gain approvals for human research subjects, animals and biohazards are handled through Western's compliance offices. Approvals are required prior to the release of funding.

Post-Award Administration

Administration of research funding is typically the responsibility of the individual who holds the funding. In certain situations, such as departmental/faculty or institutionally held awards, the Award Holder may have the responsibility. In either case, the individual listed as the Principal Investigator (PI) on the award is responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions of not only the Sponsor funding agreement, but also to Western's financial policies and procedures.