Western Research Strategic Plan


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Mobilize for Impact!

Western is home to a diverse group of innovative researchers, scholars, and artists at all career and learning stages who advance and promote knowledge across the spectrum of fundamental and applied discovery, creative activity, and research creation. All are valued. All are critical to our mission and to the university’s role in society.

Collectively, we produce, preserve, and protect knowledge. We enhance culture, develop technologies, innovate, inform policy, train the next generation’s leaders, and help shape societies. We have impact within the academy, within our communities, and around the world.

Grounded in Western’s strategic plan, Towards Western at 150 , Mobilize for Impact! strives to capture the same energy and to accelerate our momentum. It guides the activities of Western Research, which are inextricably linked to the university’s mission to facilitate the production of research, scholarship, and creative activity.

This plan is Western Research’s commitment to our community, and it outlines how we will provide support, foster inclusiveness, advance collaboration, and facilitate, recognize, and celebrate success.

Mobilize for Impact! reflects not only what we are and where we have been, but what we can become – together.



Having Greater Impact

Stimulating research, scholarship, and creative activity is a key area of focus identified within the Greater Impact theme of Towards Western at 150.

It is also at the heart of Western Research’s mission. Impact takes many forms – from individual scholars creating and promoting knowledge to collaborative teams developing novel technologies and solutions to grand challenges. From researchers influencing policy to artists creating culture and bringing joy to our lives. And from efforts to understand the fundamental questions that drive curiosity to knowledge that supports the development of our business, legal, health, and education systems.

As a key partner in this success, Western Research is committed to supporting, recognizing, and celebrating the full range of these efforts.

As administrative demands increase, we provide professional services, strategic guidance, support, and programs across a project’s lifespan – from inception to development, completion, and dissemination. These efforts allow our community to spend more time focusing on their research, scholarship, or creative activities – and having impact.