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Upcoming Notes & Reminders from Human Research Ethics

  • COVID 19 Communications:

    • See REB COVID-19 Memos below
    • For COVID-19 information please see the following:
    • Please note, due to the fact the Office of Human Research Ethics (OHRE) and the REBs are prioritizing amendments to ongoing research projects, and expediting review of new projects related specifically to COVID-19, there may be a delay in the review and approval of other recently submitted applications beyond our documented review timelines.  Should this cause concern, please correspond with the appropriate Ethics Officer via WREM correspondence.
    • Since Lawson has encouraged the suspension of recruitment, please note the REB does not need to receive Reportable Event forms (i.e. FYI, Protocol Deviation, etc.) for these updates. 
  • General Communications:

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  • When our new forms have been launched in the WREM system there may be an Update message present at the top of your WREM application screen.  Please note that we recommend exporting a current copy of your application prior to updating your application as questions have been changed in our forms and the previously answered information may be missing. Please click on the "Print" button in the Action tiles to export a PDF copy of your application.

Memos Sent by the OHRE


Initiating or Restarting Research

June 3, 2020

Actions for Currently Approved Research

March 19, 2020 

COVID 19 Research at Hospital Sites

March 13, 2020



Acquiring proof of Vaccination from Research Participants

Proof of Vaccination Memo

September 23, 2021


 New Human Research Ethics Guidance Documents

October 14, 2020

Mandatory Training for Human Research


June 1, 2020


 Human Ethics Updates for 2020

November 6, 2019

Student Research & Pedagogical Activities

July 10, 2019

 WREM Migration & Romeo Availability 


July 4, 2019

 New Protocol Requirement 


June 27, 2019

  REB Amendment Fee


April 9, 2019

Multi-Jurisdictional Research


March 7, 2019


HSREB Vice-Chair Appointment

November 1, 2018

Second Migration: Romeo-WREM

March 29, 2018

WREM Form Updates


January 18, 2018



Migration of Materials: Romeo-WREM


November 8, 2017

WREM Form Updates


December 7, 2017

WREM Rollout Update


August 14, 2017