Spanish Language, Linguistics and Hispanic Culture


Spanish at Western is divided into different programs that represent the rich cultural heritage of the diverse Hispanic world: from courses in language that offer a community service learning option to literature, linguistics, art, music, and digital humanities.  All programs build on Spanish 1030, Spanish for Beginners.

Why study Spanish Language at Western?

Do you like discovering new perspectives?  Make connections and find links not only across time, but also across geography by studying the relationships between Spain and Latin America.  Explore your own global culture in a Hispanic context and consider the Masterworks of the Hispanic world in literature, visual art, music, film and more.

There are four options in this program after Spanish 1030: 

Honors Specialization in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures

At the end of your studies in this module you will have an excellent grounding in the Spanish language and in-depth understanding of the diversity and richness of the Hispanic World and the connections in time and space that unite us. You will have explored our literature, visual arts, music, and traditions and how this rich culture has impacted our global world. You will also have explored different methodologies, from traditional analysis to digital humanities. This program of study will prepare you for graduate studies and research in Hispanic Studies, or for a career in which an ability to analyze and organize and an understanding of culture and diversity are important. 

Specialization in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures

This module is similar to the Honors specialization and is suitable to students who have the same interests in the Hispanic world but are unable to maintain the required 70% average in the relevant courses. 

Major in Spanish

The major in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures gives you an excellent grounding in the Spanish language and a broad overview of the cultures of the Hispanic world and the connections between them. It differs mainly from the Honors Specialization and Specialization in that the student takes fewer upper level courses. This module is ideal for students taking a double major who are interested in careers related to international relations, aid, or business. 

Minor in Spanish

This module allows students to indulge their passion for Spanish and Hispanic Cultures while at the same time pursuing their major interests in other fields. It provides a thorough grounding in Spanish plus a flexible introduction to culture. It is a program that will add value to any degree.

Certificate in Practical Spanish

Develop a proficiency in Spanish and complement your major in another subject! The certificate, open to all undergraduate students, strengthens applications of a student who intends to pursue careers or graduate study in areas where Spanish is useful.   

Why study Digital Spanish?

Would you like to achieve a high level of digital literacy through hands-on learning?  Become part of one of the fastest growing language communities on the web while practicing and improving your Spanish skills. We are in the process of developing these modules. Please inquire for information.


Minor in Digital Spanish  (4.0 courses)

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