Language Placement Test

This Placement Test is intended for students who plan on taking language courses offered by the Department of Languages and Cultures at Western (Main Campus).



* Course enrollment will require assistance of the Department to process the necessary Special Permission  

Objectives for a Language Placement Test

Why is a placement test so important?

The test assesses your skills and background in the target language, helping you to enroll in a course at the appropriate level and enhance your language competence.

What is the best way to answer the placement test questions?

Answer the questions without preparation, to the best of your knowledge, and without outside assistance because appropriate placement will maximize the benefit you gain from the course. Try to answer all questions, unless you do not know the answer. The testing time varies with the language, but averages around 20-30 minutes with no time limit set. Misrepresenting your abilities will be considered a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. The Department reserves the right to remove a student from a course if this occurs.

What will happen with my results?

To take the test, you will need to enter your name, student number, faculty, and year of registration. When you complete the test, please email us the requested information, and you will be given a course enrollment recommendation. All special permissions that are needed will be started at that time. 

How do I take the test?

Instructions and tests are located in Western's learning management system OWL. Please make sure you log out of your OWL account BEFORE you click on a link below. You will be prompted to login with your Western username and password. Then "Join" the site to continue. 

arabicplacement.jpg germanplacement.jpg italianplacement.jpg spanishplacement.jpg