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Are you considering enrolling in an Italian Module? We have created new programs in Italian Language and Culture. In addition to offering language instruction at all levels, the Italian program is committed to introducing students to the richness of Italian culture and the multifaceted reality of contemporary Italy. You can explore Italian culture in relation to other cultural traditions, consider Italy's influence on other cultures and study Italian culture from a plurality of angles including music, art, literature, gender and media. 

Here you can get an overview of the programs, check out detailed course and module descriptions with worksheets for each new module offered.

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Major in Italian Language and Culture

Build a firm foundation in the Italian language, consider Italian culture through different media (such as visual arts, music, literature and film) and explore the cross-cultural influences that have shaped contemporary Italy
. With a program that extends its geographical reach from the Italian peninsula to the transoceanic Little Italies, you can prepare for careers in government, tourism or teaching.

Minor in Italian Language and Culture

Fall in love with the Italian language and go a long way towards mastering it! We offer 4 levels of language courses, from beginners (Italian 1030) to advanced (Italian 4400A/B), as well as several culture and literature courses that will constitute a significant addition to your linguistic knowledge. This module is an ideal fit for any combination of Majors, but particularly for Music, World Literatures and Cultures, and French.

Certificate in Practical Italian

Progression is based on two core language courses, 'Intermediate Italian' (Italian 2200) and 'Advanced Italian' (Italian 3300) which lay a solid foundation for interaction with Italian literary texts, media and a whole range of cultural products. The Certificate also requires 'Italian Conversation' (Italian 2220A/B) and 'Fourth Year Italian' (Italian 4400A/B).


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