Digital Humanities


Digital Humanities is an interdisciplinary program that introduces students to one of the most important emerging fields in the arts and humanities. Digital Humanities develops and uses computing tools to explore texts, images, and ideas in novel ways. Harnessing the processing power of the computer and the possibilities for collaboration and communication offered by the internet, it produces new insights, information, and perspectives into literature, language, history, and art. Learning in the courses is enabled through a hands-on approach that allows the students to learn by doing. Digital Humanities is a potent mix of both theory and practice: students are taught to apply the methods and perspectives of the humanities to the digital medium, while also learning the coding, programming, and design skills needed to build and employ a variety of digital tools.

In this way, Digital Humanities offers students training in critical thinking and communication skills along with expertise in digital technologies that will enable them to understand, control, and shape the digital environments we live in. Exciting, cutting-edge research is ongoing by the Faculty, students, and research staff in the CulturePlex Lab at Western University. Come check it out today!

Minor in Digital Humanities (4.0 Courses)

The Minor in Digital Humanities perfectly complements any program that draws on Literature, Culture, Geography, History, Media Studies, and Visual Arts.

Minor in Digital Humanities Course Guide
Admission Requirements: Required Courses
1.0 courses from: 1.0 courses from: 1.0 courses from: 1.0 courses from: 1.0 courses from:

CS 1033 A/B

DH 1011 A/B

DH 2210 A/B

DH 2221 A/B

DH at the 2000 level or above DH at the 2200 level or above DH at the 3000 level or above

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The CulturePlex Lab



Mission: To evolve the Humanities and help mitigate the problems of the Anthropocene.

Vision: We will use our research to understand and improve the human condition in the Anthropocene.


Immersive Experiences

Skills and Careers


A potent mix of both theory and practice.


  • ▸ Coding and Programming
  • ▸ Design
  • ▸ Research and Critical Thinking
  • ▸ Digital Storytelling

Career Examples:

  • ▸ UX Designer
  • ▸ Educational Technologist
  • ▸ Data Analyst
  • ▸ Digital Content Strategist
  • ▸ Web Developer
  • ▸ Research Analyst
  • ▸ Digital Archivist