Hispanic Studies Core Faculty

devo Alba Devo Colis Spanish as a Second Language, Teaching and Learning, Autofiction, Literary Theory, Latin American Women Writers, Mexican Women Writers, Hermeneutics and Analysis Discourse.

allen Ana García-Allén Teaching & (Ph.D. Western University) Learning Spanish as a Foreign Language; Community Engaged Learning (CEL); Experiential Learning; Study Abroad Language Programs; Spanish for Specific Purposes, Teaching and Learning; Digital Pedagogy/ Educational Technology. 

Burucua Constanza Burucúa (Ph.D. University of Warwick, UK) Postcolonial Literatures and Theory; British Imperial Literature; Theatre Studies. Doctoral level supervisory privileges.

Heap David Heap (Ph.D. Toronto) French and Romance Language Linguistics, Morphology, Linguistic Variation, Dialectology.

quintanilla.jpg Felipe Quintanilla (Ph.D. Western University) Salvadoran Post Civil memory and oral history; gender and sexuality in contemporary Latin American cinema and literature; U.S. Latin@ representation in popular media; and Spanish-English translation.

ileana_paul.jpg Ileana Paul (Ph.D. McGill) Linguistics, syntax, semantics, morphology, Malagasy syntax, field techniques for linguistics, Austronesian syntax, restructuring in Austronesian, Malagasy pronouns, Malagasy DP structure, null pronouns in Malagasy

Tennant Jeff Tennant (Ph.D. Toronto) Phonétique, Phonologie, Sociolinguistique, Dialectologie, Francais Canadien.

Bruhn Joyce Bruhn de Garavito (Ph.D. McGill) Romance Linguistics, Syntax and Morphology of Spanish, Acquisition of Romance Languages, Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language, and Bilingualism.

Suarez Juan Luis Suárez (Ph.D. McGill) Spanish Golden Age Theater and Calderón de la Barca. 

Lauren_beck.jpg Lauren Beck Visual culture of the early-modern Atlantic world, text-and-image relations, historical cartography, and marginalized voices.

deLooze Laurence de Looze (Ph.D. Toronto) Medieval and Renaissance Literatures, Medievalism, and Literary Theory.

tararova Olga Tararova (Ph.D. Toronto) Bilingualism & Heritage languages; Sociolinguistics (socio-morphology); Language contact and change; Language maintenance and language loss; SLA; Language teaching and methodology.

Montano Rafael Montano (Ph.D. McGill) Latin-American Literature and Culture.

Tania-Granadillo.Jan.2020.rev.jpg Tania Granadillo (Ph.D. Arizona)  Indigenous languages of Venezuela, endangered languages, language revitalization, language documentation and description, language shift and maintenance, language ideologies, language policy, discourse, storytelling, verbal art, linguistic typology, writing systems, phonology, morphosyntax, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language and culture, bi/multilingualism, language acquisition/socialization.

Screen-Shot-2024-02-10-at-1.30.27-PM.png Victoria Wolff (Ph.D. McGill) Interartistic Approaches to Hispanic Literature (Literature and Music), Transatlantic Studies, and Hispanic Cultural Studies.

Rafat Yasaman Rafat (Ph.D. Toronto) Acquisition of L2 Phonology, Multi-modal Input Processing in L2 Learning, Role of Phonological Memory in L2 Learning, Applied Linguistics (pronunciation and vocabulary teaching).