Collaborative Programs

Collaborative Specializations

Hispanic studies works collaboratively with other programs on campus to offer our students collaborative specializations to add depth and variety to their degree.  Students have the opportunity to participate in one of the following collaborative specializations:

Environment and Sustainability
This program is designed for students to gain an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems and solutions.

Migration and Ethnic Relations
This program allows students to study questions of migration, ethnic relations, cultural diversity, conflict, acculturation and the integration of migrants, from the perspective of various social science and humanities disciplines.

Scientific Computing
This program aims to provide students from different disciplines with solid hands-on knowledge of how different computational techniques can be used in, for example, arts & humanities, physical and biological and social sciences. Entrance in this collaborative specialization requires knowledge of Python.

Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
This program focuses on issues including reconciliation, criminal accountability, post-colonial legacies, legal reconstruction, the environment, human rights, economic justice, healing circles, democratization, and more.

Students who participate in one of the above collaborative programs will have both Hispanic Studeis MA/PhD and the collaborative specialization of their choice appear on their degree.

Global Health Systems
The Collaborative Gratduate Program will augment the training received in the student's home department by providing specialized training in scholarship related to Global Health Systems.  Learning outcomes for the Global Health Systems program are supplemental to those of the students' home or disciplinary program.
The objective is to provide students with a transdisciplinary, knowledge-to-action, systems approach learning experience, in order to become global leaders with an understanding of one of the most challenging, complex areas of the world.