Business Operations

Every successful organization has a good support system - that's our Business Operations team. They are responsible for several roles, many of which support the rest of the Facilities Management team. For example, members of Business Operations oversee our parking, client services, payroll & accounts, IT support, process and system development initiatives (such as keys and work order software upgrades), mail, and shipping & receiving.

In the same way, we envision our entire Division as a support system to Western, we consider Business Operations vital to our own day-to-day operation.

All Personnel

  • Director, Facilities Management (Business Operations), Mark Durnin
  • Manager, Client Services
    • Customer Service
    • Mailroom
    • Stores & Waste/Recycling Logistics
  • Manager, Facilities Technology Systems
    • Administration & IT
  • Project Manager, Strategic Priorities, Alexis Fowler
  • Acting Manager, Parking Services, Garrett Goulin
    • Parking Office
    • Lot Operations
  • Manager, Project Finance & Processes, Ryan Lovell
    • Capital projects and processes
  • Financial Officer. Kayla Anderson
    • Payroll, Utilities, and other Financial Processes