Facilities Management

Projects & Planning

Projects & Planning

Capital planning, design & development

Facilities Engineering is a division of FM that is responsible for all construction-related work on campus, from providing estimates, proposing designs, bids & tenders, and assisting with administrative services, all the way to the project's completion.

You can find some contractor maps on our website, however if you require specialty maps, please contact Executive Director, Facilities Management (Facilities Engineering), Saher Fazilat.

Many FM projects can be broken down into the following categories:


Many construction projects have been completed with the help of FM, however, Western is still undergoing a major expansion to its campus that will further enhance its reputation as a top research-intesive university.

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FM's structural shop includes Asbestos Workers, Carpenters, Painters, and many more experts who work with Facilities Engineering by carrying out multi-trade projects on short notice at Western.

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FM strives to preserve Western's historical buildings and with keeping the exteriors unchanged the division has made many enhancements to the interior quality and operation of older buildings.

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