Applied Health Sciences

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Fully-Online Master of Health Science (MHSc) Degree in the Advanced Health Care Practice Program

The Applied Health Sciences field in the Advanced Health Care Practice master's program aims to promote leaders in health. The program’s foundations are universal health promotion and health education, evidence-informed health interventions and efficient and effective supports for individuals throughout the lifespan.

Students are required to successfully complete a total of six courses in addition to the Knowledge Synthesis and Application Capstone Learning Experience to earn a Master of Health Sciences Degree in the Advanced Health Care Practice Program under the Applied Health Sciences field.

purple_box_75x75.jpg2 mandatory courses (1.0 credits)
Critical Appraisal of Health Literature (9013) Critical Thinking in Health Sciences (9001)  

blue_box_75x75.jpg4 online courses (2.0 credits)
Offered as electives

mauve_box_50x50.pngCapstone Experience (0.5 credits)
A course unique to each learner that will integrate theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities

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Video FAQs

The videos below feature the field leader for the Applied Health Sciences program and answer some commonly asked questions in relations to program content, structure and research integration.

Program Overview

Research and Critical Appraisal

Healthcare Leadership

About the Capstone Project

Admissions and Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following admission requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree from a recognized university
    • Minimum B average based on the last two years or 20 half credits of study
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Two references
    • One academic (if attended university within the last five years) and one professional
  • Demonstrated English language proficiency, including both written and oral communication
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS is recommended)
  • A minimum TOEFL score of 620 (paper-based), 105 (internet-based), 260 (computer-based) or an IELTS score of 7.5 is required
  • Completion of the Supplemental Questionnaire
  • Evidence of prior work experience in a health-related field may strengthen the application

Learning Outcomes

The Master’s Degree in Applied Health Sciences is designed by leaders in the fields of education and healthcare with input from students and employers. Over the course of study, students will learn to:

  • Appraise the scope and complexity of the body of knowledge in health sciences and health care
  • Differentiate among various facets of health sciences and explain their interconnections
  • Value the interrelationships of health knowledge applied by different professions and disciplines
  • Articulate one’s belief systems about professional practice and reflect on one’s individual behaviours
  • Develop an understanding of the concepts of critical thinking and critical analysis, and appreciate how these approaches inform the examination of health and healthcare
  • Defend the choice of research methodologies in examining, creating, and recommending health care alternatives
  • Use appropriate research strategies to explore health information
  • Synthesize complex knowledge in a rapidly evolving health-sciences evidence base
  • Articulate verbally and in writing relevant arguments of complex issues grounded in ethical principles and practices
  • Critically analyze health issues in light of new and existing knowledge and perspectives, through application to a range of health questions in variety of contexts
  • Formulate new inferences based on critical analysis contribute to human health potential through critical understandings and appraisal of complex health information and Interprofessional and interdisciplinary health  contexts
  • Reconcile one’s understandings of personal health values with those of others
  • Act in accordance with one’s ethical and moral compass to reflect equity, fairness, and accountability for one’s behaviours articulate integrated understandings of health sciences to diverse audiences
  • Formulate informed and convincing arguments within inter-professional and interdisciplinary teams
  • Express value judgments with appreciation of others’ value systems critically appraise the inherent complexities of human health and health systems
  • Evaluate the diversity of perspectives on health and health care

Five-Key Competencies

Through successful completion of this program, students will have demonstrated mastery of five key competencies outlined within the Capstone Experience:

  1. Interprofessional Collaboration
  2. Self-Awareness and Reflexivity
  3. Critical Reasoning and Creative Problem-Solving
  4. Evidence-based Leadership
  5. Systems Thinking and Applied Expertise

Capstone Experience

The Capstone Experience consists of a mentorship opportunity in the student's area of concentration. A minimum of 100 hours will be completed under the supervision of one or more approved mentors in a health setting. Students will identify potential mentorship opportunities within their own community. Together, with their academic mentor (appointed by the Program), an appropriate, available opportunity will be secured.

Students are expected to secure mentors in the Fall term but must complete the mandatory course before commencing mentorship hours. Students will consult with their professional mentors and a faculty supervisor to determine learning objectives and goals for the duration of the capstone experience.

Program Details

The Master's Degree in Applied Health Sciences is designed to be completed full time over three academic terms (12 months).

Tuition and Fees

The annual domestic tuition fee for this program is approximately $14,000 including ancillary fees (plus $2,100 mentor fee i.e. $700/term***) which is payable over three terms (September, January and May).

The annual international tuition fee for this program is approximately $37,000 including ancillary fees (plus $2,100 mentor fee i.e. $700/term***) which is payable over three terms (September, January and May).

These fees are subject to change and are set by Western University. Instructions for students paying tuition from a Canadian bank are available from the Office of the Registrar.

***Please note all fees including mentorship fees and course fees are currently under review and are subject to change and adjustment***

OSAP Eligible

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Opt In To The Certified Health Executive (CHE) Certificate

As a student in Applied Health Sciences master's program, you're eligible for advanced standing toward the Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation.

The CHE is Canada's top professional leadership designation for healthcare leaders looking to expand their institutional leadership career.

Canadian College of Health Leaders logoWestern is now a LEADS Canada certified learning provider supporting the CHE designation. The LEADS framework was established by the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) and addresses health leadership for individuals, organizations, and broader systems.

If you opt in to the CHE, you must complete the following:

  • Submit a detailed project proposal by mid-September
  • Complete APPLHSCI 9001 and APPLHSCI 9015
  • Complete a LEADS 360 Assessment and 90-minute debriefing
  • Complete a CHE-designed capstone experience that includes:
    • Meeting regularly with your CHE mentor
    • Developing an organizational change, strategic planning or program evaluation project
    • Organizing and facilitating a program-wide leadership day in collaboration with the other CHE students

For more information, email: