Teaching Award of Excellence for Faculty

Teaching Award

About the Award

First awarded in 2002, the Teaching Award of Excellence is presented to one full-time and one part-time faculty member annually. Recipients are chosen based on evidence of excellence in academic endeavours with emphasis on exceptional performance in teaching.

Full-time award recipients' names are added to a plaque which is permanently displayed in the Dean's Office.

Previous Winners

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*denotes part-time faculty member

2018 Dan Belliveau (Health Studies)
Dalton Wolfe* (Health Studies)
2017 Dave Humphreys (Kinesiology)
Natascha Wesch* (Kinesiology)
2016 Don Morrow (Kinesiology)
Tara Mantler (Health Studies)*
2015 Matthew Heath (Kinesiology)
2014 Jennifer Irwin (Health Studies)
Heather Gillis (Physical Therapy)*
2013 Phil Doyle (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
Julie Theurer (Communication Sciences and Disorders)* 
2012 Anne Kinsella (Occupational Therapy)
2011 Aleksandra Zecevic (Health Studies)
Troy Seely (Physical Therapy)*
2010 Carol McWilliam (Nursing)
Dave Walton (Physical Therapy)*
2009 Kathy Obright (Physical Therapy)
Barb Sarma (Kinesiology)*
2008 Ken Kirkwood (Bachelor of Health Sciences Program)
2007 Tim Wilson (Bachelor of Health Sciences Program)
Dave Walton (Physical Therapy)*
2006 Kathy Obright (Physical Therapy)
Julie Theurer (Communication Sciences and Disorders)*
2005 Susan Anthony (Nursing)
2004 Kevin Wamsley (Kinesiology)
2003 Janet Brown (Physical Therapy)
2002 Tom Overend (Physical Therapy)

Eligibility & Nomination Procedure

All full-time and part-time faculty members of the Faculty of Health Sciences may be nominated.

  • Submit nomination form (below) - due by March 1
  • Nominations can be made by students/faculty/staff/alumni
  • Students are encouraged to inform their School Director of their intent to nominate FHS faculty member
  • The candidate must approve of the nomination
  • FHS Subcommittee on Teaching Awards committee members are not allowed to be nominated or to nominate individuals for this award


  • Nominee dossier is submitted by April 15 (see instructions below)
    • If April 15 falls on a weekend, the deadline moves to the next business day

Requirements for Dossier

  • One or more supporting letter(s) [maximum six] from peers or relevant authorities summarizing the nominee’s strengths and noting the various contributions made to the Schools within the Faculty of Health Sciences in any of the award criteria categories
  • It is recommended that a peer review (PDF download) be included
  • One or more supporting letter(s) [maximum 6] from students
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Teaching Dossier (including Western Instructor Evaluations for the last five years for full-time faculty and the most recent three years for part-time faculty)
  • Teaching materials, which can include samples of teaching materials or assessments (not to exceed 10 pages in total)
  • Administrative support by the Schools will be provided for all nominations
    • Schools may contact the Dean's Office for additional support or assistance as required


  • A supporting letter from School/Program Director

The Documentation

  • The material submitted to the FHS Selection Committee should relate directly to the current nomination
  • Promotion and tenure letters or newspaper clippings relating to other awards or relaying unfocussed opinions are unacceptable
  • Letters dealing specifically with teaching in a broad context are more useful than letters relating to the nominee’s standing in the profession
  • The Committee would strongly suggest that letters of support be solicited by the nominators rather than the candidate

Note: The original and one copy of all nomination documentation is required

  • Dossiers are reviewed by the Faculty of Health Sciences Teaching Awards Committee to select the award recipients