Programs Offering CCAA Fitness Appraisals


London & Middlesex

The following London-area programs offer periodic functional fitness assessments administered by the CCAA to measure the major components of fitness for older adults (upper- and lower- body strength, aerobic endurance, upper-and lower-body flexibility, agility, and balance). The information provided by these assessments can enhance senior fitness programs by making the instructor and older adult aware of current levels of functional fitness. Participants can use the information collected during functional fitness assessments to help set personal goals. Instructors can use the data for program planning and program evaluation purposes, and the CCAA may use it for conducting research.

Rejuv Senior Fitness Classes, Advanced Medical Group

The Advanced Medical Group (AMG) offers ReJuv Health, a premier exercise and lifestyle program geared towards improving the health and fitness of older adults in London, Ontario. The program consists of 60-minute, small group exercise sessions. The sessions include 30 minutes of aerobic and balance exercise, followed by 30 minutes of strength exercise with resistance training machines and stretching.

ReJuv Health classes are offered two times a week (Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday) with the option to add a third day (Friday). The program runs monthly with new spaces opening at the beginning of each month. AMG offers FREE on-site parking including underground parking. Exercise sessions are led by certified seniors' fitness instructors (SFIC) and Registered Kinesiologists (RKIN).

ReJuv Health participants may receive a comprehensive CCAA-administered functional fitness assessment prior to starting the program. Participants will receive individualized assessment results feedback from our Kinesiology department and use your assessment information to create an individualized exercise program based on your goals and help keep you accountable.

Registration is NOW OPEN, click the Learn More button to register.

Lobo Senior Fitness

Debbie DeVries is a CCAA-certified instructor teaching senior fitness classes at the Lobo First Baptist Church in Komoka. Debbie's classes help promote improved health and fitness for adults over the age of 50. The programs run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Classes on Tuesday and Friday are at 8:30 and 9:40 a.m.. On Wednesday mornings, there is an 8:30 class. Each class features exercises to challange the components of cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.


When COVID shut down in-person senior fitness classes, some seniors switched to online exercising. The Zoomercise program started in April 2020. The participants from former classes at the CCAA were the original online participants but the class has increased enrollment through word of mouth. When in-person classes resumed, many participants decided, for many different reasons, that they preferred exercising online in the comfort of their own homes.

Zoomercise is led by CCAA-certified senior fitness instructor, Kathy Meyer and runs twice a week. The classes include 30 minutes of moderate to intense cardio, followed by balance, strengthening and stretching. Participants are asked to ensure that their exercise area is safe and uncluttered. It is recommended that they have bands for strength training and a small ball and light weights to use as enhancers for various parts of the program. The class offers great music, lots of variety, opportunities to advance fitness goals and a chance to stay connected. The online option also allows participants to connect wherever they are. Whether they live in other parts of the country or are at their cottage, vacation home or visiting family, participants can maintain their fitness level.

The Zoomercise program is at capacity, and not accepting new enrollments at this time.