Student Photos Archive


Victoria Burnett helps to excavate the archeological site at Vindolanda, a Roman fort near Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, England in the summer of 2019. Victoria was one of eight Western students chosen for the Vindolanda Field School, a five-week program offered through the Department of Classical Studies.

Julia Campbell enjoys the rural splendour of Ecuador during the sixteen-day Me to We Women’s Empowerment trip she participated in in July 2018.

Misha Apel stands in front of the terraced landscape of Rwanda. Misha travelled to Rwanda as a student in Prof. Henri Boyi’s Rwanda: Culture, Society, and Reconstruction course in 2016 and as the course T.A. in 2019.

Olivia Ezman paints a mural on the wall of the main house of the Centre Marembo in Kigali, Rwanda. Olivia travelled to Rwanda in 2019 for the service-learning component of the French/SASAH course Rwanda: Culture, Society, and Reconstruction.

Keyona Gallucci travelled to Africa in 2016 as a Western Heads East intern. Key helped to establish a sustainable probiotic yogurt kitchen at the University of Rwanda (UR) in Kigali.