Alumni Videos


Our SASAH alumni have already begun to make their mark on society, culture and education, since graduating from the program. Recently, during the COVID19 lockdown, second year SASAH student, Matthew Dawkins sought to reconnect with some SASAH alums to find out about their experiences putting the learning they did at SASAH to post-undergraduate use.

About Matthew Dawkins:

Matthew Dawkins is a third-year student pursuing a double major in SASAH and English Language and Literature, as well as a certificate in Practical Spanish and a Module in Scholar’s Electives. On the University Students’ Council, Matthew operates as the Ethnocultural Support Services’ Coordinator, and on the Arts and Humanities Student’s Council he works as Equity Commissioner as well as SASAH Department Representative.

Misha Apel (Class of 2019) - During her SASAH program experience, Misha also Majored in English Language and English Literature with a Minor in Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction, and has since gone on to work as an Intern with the Ontario Legislature. Misha will enter Law School at Western in Fall 2020.

Jasia Carroll-Woolery (Class of 2019)- Jasia graduated from Western with a Double Major in SASAH and an Honours Specialization in French Studies. Currently Jasia pursues her Bachelor of Education with a specialization in French immersion at University of British Colombia (Vancouver).

Rachael DiMenna (Class of 2018)- Rachael pursued a dual degree, Majoring in SASAH and English Language and English Literature while also attending Ivey for her HBA. Combining her arts and business learning, Rachael has since been working as a Consultant at Monitor Deloitte, Toronto.

Haley Everitt (Class of 2017) pursued an Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature along with SASAH as an undergraduate at Western. She then pursued a Master's Degree in Science and is now completing her PhD in Geography at Western. Haley also puts to use her passion for teaching part-time faculty at Fanshawe College.

Maryam Golafshani (Class of 2017) While at Western, Maryam pursued a double major in SASAH and English Language and Literature as well as a module in Scholars Electives. She went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Theory and Criticism at Western and is currently studying Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Cassandra Haley (Class of 2020) has completed a Bachelor of Science with an Honours Specialization in Genetics and Major in SASAH and will enter the MSc program in Experimental Medicine with a concentration in Bioethics in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University in Fall 2020.

Levi Hord (Class of 2018) - Along with their completion of the SASAH program, Levi also majored in Sexuality Studies with a module in Scholar’s Electives. Levi is a Rhodes Scholar who finished two MA's while at the University of Oxford. The first was in Women’s Studies, and the second in History of Science. In the Fall of 2020, they will begin their PhD in English & Comp Lit at Columbia University.

Mickey Juranka (Class of 2019)- As an undergraduate student at Western, Mickey pursued a Double Major in Political Science and SASAH as well as a Minor in Linguistics. This fall, he looks forward to returning to Western as a Law student, furthering his passion for global studies and international relations. 

Avery Lafortune (Class of 2017)- Avery graduated from Western with a double major in SASAH and Art History. This year, she looks forward to completing her Masters in Art History and Curatorial Studies.

Prem Sai Ramani (Class of 2018)- Alongside his completion of the SASAH Program, Prem has also pursued a major in Chemistry and has since gone on to work as a writer for the Lainey Gossip blog, and as a Marketing Co-ordinator for WELL Health Technologies Corporations, out of Vancouver.

Natalie Scola (Class of 2020)- Natalie has graduated from Western with a Double Major in SASAH and an Honours Specialization Art History Museum Studies. During her tenure at Western, Natalie also functioned as the Residence Don for the SASAH Living and Learning Community in Ontario Hall for 3 consecutive years. This Fall, Natalie will be pursuing her Master’s in Museum Studies at University of Toronto.

Betty Wang (Class of 2020)- Betty graduated from Western University with a double major in SASAH and English Language and Literature as well as an HBA from the Ivey Business School. Now, Betty works at Deloitte as a Management Consultant.