Rachael Di Menna

rachael.jpgGraduated 2018

Double Major in English Language and Literature and the School for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities; dual degree with the Ivey Business School

Hometown: Toronto, ON

After SASAH: Engagement Manager at Monitor Deloitte

What attracted you to this program?

SASAH is a program unlike any other in Canada with its program flexibility, interdisciplinary opportunities, and wealth of intelligent students who demand the most from their education. SASAH allowed me to explore humanities, science, and tech courses while I earned a second degree in business. Not only did SASAH equip me with varied experience, but I was challenged to think critically and find connections between fields as usually siloed as macroeconomic trends and classical literature. Now, working as a strategic consultant for some of the biggest businesses in Canada, the creativity, thoughtfulness, and well rounded skill set I developed in SASAH have been invaluable. For any current SASAH students or those interested in joining SASAH, I would tell you that this is a program for those with an open mind and eagerness to explore. You'll find or re-define your path to find one perfectly suited to your intellectually curiosity and your passions.