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  • “Vipers and Lost Youth: a Note on Old Age in Early Greek Epic,” Classical Quarterly 64.2 (2014) 825-828
  • “Warding off a Hailstorm of Blood: Pindar on Martial Elegy,” in C. Carey and L. Swift (edd.), Greek Iambus and Elegy: New Approaches (Oxford University Press 2016) 273-290
  • “Timotheus on the Herald’s Proclamation,” Quaderni Urbinati di Cultura Classica n.s. 112 (2016) 167-175
  • “Picturing a Truth: Beast Fable, Early Iambos, and Semonides on the Creation of Women,” forthcoming in Mouseion (2017)




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  • “Maffeo Vegio, Elegies 1.1”, Literary Imagination (2020).
  • “What Virgil should have said”, Arion 28.2 (2020), 41–2.
  • “A qualitative assessment of psychosocial attributes that play a role in bladder management after spinal cord injury”, Spinal Cord 2020 Sep. 8 (online ahead of print). 6th co-author with B. Welk, J. Myers, M. Kennelly, M. McKibbon, J. Watson.
  • “Positioning Aeneas: A proposed emendation to Aeneid 7.5”, Classical Journal 115.2 (2019), 146–73. (emendation printed in the text of G. B. Conte’s revised Teubner edition (Publius Vergilius Maro, Aeneis: Editio altera, De Gruyter, 2019, p. 176)
  • “Odi(tque moras): Abridging Allusions to Vergil, Aeneid 12 in Statius, Thebaid 12”, American Journal of Philology 138.2 (June 2017).
  • “Comparative rates of text reuse in classical Latin hexameter poetry”, Digital Humanities Quarterly 9.3 (2015). Co-author with N. W. Bernstein and Wei Lin.
  • “Tydeus the hero? Intertextual confusion in Statius, Thebaid 2”, Phoenix 69 (2015), 56–78.
  • Brill’s Companion to Statius (Leiden, 2015). Co-editor with W. J. Dominik and C. E. Newlands. Includes two contributed chapters:
  • “Reading Statius”, pp. 3–27 (co-author with C. E. Newlands and W. J. Dominik)
  • “Parent-child conflict in the Thebaid”, pp. 221–39.
  •  “Notes on Statius, Thebaid 2”, Classical Quarterly 65 (2015), 411–15.
  • “This is my Sparta! 300 (1998), 300 (2007), and Three (2013–14)”, invited feature article in The Amphora Issue, Melbourne Historical Journal 42.2 (2014), 3–19.
  • Contribution to The Vates Anthology of New Latin Poetry (ed. M. Walker, 2015), pp. 42-50. Art by Garett Schoffro.

Book Reviews:

  • Review of Rebeggiani, S., The Fragility of Power: Statius, Domitian, and the Politics of the Thebaid (Oxford, 2018). CJ-Online 2020.06.04.
  • Review of Lagière, A., La Thébaïde de Stace et le sublime (Brussels, 2017). Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2020.01.39.
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  • Review of Kovacs, G. and C. W. Marshall (eds), Son of Classics and Comics (Oxford 2015). Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2016.09.05.


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  • 2018. “Footwear and Fashion on the Fringe: Stamps and Decoration on Leather and Shoes from Vindolanda (1993-2016)” in T. Ivleva, J. De Bruin, M. Driessen (eds.), Embracing the Provinces: Society and Material Culture of the Frontier Regions (Oxford: Oxbow) 143-152.
  • 2018. “Frontier women in context,” in The female frontier: Tracing the lives of women on the edges of the Roman Empire. Co-authored article for Current Archaeology (August 2018). 22-31.
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  • 2015. “Conubium cum uxoribus: Wives and Children in the Roman Military Diplomas,” Journal of Roman Archaeology 28, 125-159.


  • “The Vindolanda Calendrical Clepsydra: Time-Keeping and Healing Waters” Britannia 50: 185-202.
  • “The Body in the Ditch: Alternative Funerary Practices on the Northern Frontier of the Roman Empire?” Britannia 50: 203-224, with T. Buck, E.M. Greene, V. Barlow and E. Graham.
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  • 2017 (with E. Greene) “The North Field excavations at Vindolanda: Preliminary report on the 2009-14 exploratory field seasons,” Mouseion Series III, Vol. 14: 197-251.


Books (selected):

  • ed., with A. Batten. 2021. Dress and Religion in Mediterranean Antiquity: Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians. Bloomsbury Press.
  • Masculinity and Dress in Roman Antiquity (Routledge, 2017).
  • A Cultural History of Beauty. Vol. I: Antiquity 500 BC -400 CE. Bloomsbury. Forthcoming 2022. 

Articles, book chapters, encyclopedia entries (selected): 

  • “Dress and Adornment,” in The Roman Imperial Court: Methods, Models, and Materials. ed. B. Kelly, S. Blake, A.G. Hug, R. Tordoff, and R. Wei (forthcoming, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2022)
  • “Fringed clothing in Roman art,” in C. Brøns, S. Harris, and M. Zuchowska (eds). Textiles in Ancient Iconography (Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2022).
  • “Introduction,” in Batten and Olson 2021: 1-7.
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  • “Dress and classical studies,” in Batten and Olson 2021: 11-18
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  • “Status,” chapter in A Cultural History of Dress and Fashion. Vol. I: Antiquity, ed. M. Harlow. (Bloomsbury 2016): 105-18.
  • “Toga and pallium: status, sexuality, identity,” chapter in M. Masterson and N. Rabinowitz (edd) Sex in Antiquity: New Essays on Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World (Routledge 2014): 422-48.



Book Chapters:

  • “The Narrative Richness of the Argus Scene (Od. 17.290-327),” in Louise Pratt and C. Michael Sampson (eds.), Engaging Classical Texts in the Contemporary World: From Narratology to Reception (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2018), pp. 9-28
  • “The Multipolarity of Athenian Social Memory: Polis, Tribes and Demes as Interdependent Memory Communities,” in Kerstin P. Hofmann, Reinhard Bernbeck and Ulrike Sommer, eds. Between Memory Sites and Memory Networks: New Archaeological and Historical Perspectives. Berlin Studies of the Ancient World 45 (Berlin 2017), pp. 97-125
  • Bernd Steinbock, “Coin Types and Latin Panegyrics as Means of Imperial Communication,” in N. T. Elkins and S. Krmnicek (eds.), ‘Art in the Round’: New Approaches to Ancient Coin Iconography. Tübinger Archäologische Forschungen 16 (Rahden/Westfalen 2014), pp. 51-67

Book Review:

  • Bernd Steinbock, Review of Peter Meineck, David Konstan (ed.), Combat Trauma and the Ancient Greeks. The New Antiquity. (New York:  Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) in BMCR 2015.08.15


Book Chapters:
  • “Scandalous Maps in Aeschylean Tragedy”, in Greta Hawes, ed. Myths on the map: the storied landscapes of ancient Greece. Oxford. 2017. 204-220.
  • “The Past in the Present: the Many Uses of Ancient Greek Culture”, Allison Glazebrook and Christina Vester, eds. Themes in Greek Society and Culture: An Introduction to Ancient Greece. Oxford, 2017. 433-451.
Book Review:
  • Miriam Leonard. Tragic Modernities. Phoenix 70.1-2. (Miriam Leonard. Tragic Modernities. Phoenix 70.1-2. (spring/summer 2016) 227-229.


  • The Politics of Sacrifice in Early Greek Myth and Poetry, Cambridge University Press. 2017
  • “Hesiod in Paris: Justice, Truth, and Power between Past and Present.” Arethusa 50.3 (2017): 385-427.
  • “The Use and Abuse of Training ‘Science’ in Philostratus’ Gymnasticus.” Classical Antiquity 35.1
    (2016): 86-165.
  • “Ages of Athletes: Generational Decline in Philostratus’ Gymnasticus and Archaic Greek Poetry.” Classics@ Issue 13: Greek Poetry and Sport. 2015. Edited by Thomas Scanlon.
  • “Greek Ideal as Hyperreal: Greco-Roman Sculpture and the Athletic Male Body.” Arion 21.3
    (2014): 45-74.
  • “Sacrifice, Succession, and Paternity in Hesiod’s Theogony.” Mètis. Anthropologie des mondes grecs anciens 11 (2013): 183-210.


  • Peter M. Day and David E. Wilson. 2016. “Dawn of the Amphora: The Emergence of Maritime Transport Containers in the Early Bronze Age Aegean,” in B. Knapp and S. Demesticha (eds), Maritime Transport Containers in the Bronze - Iron Age Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, vol. 183, pp. 17-37.

Chapters in Books:

  • “The Early Bronze II Seal impressions from Ayia Irini, Kea: Their Context, Pan-Aegean Links, and Meaning,” in The Great Islands. Studies of Crete and Cyprus presented to Gerald Cadogan, eds. C.F. Macdonald, E. Hatzaki and S. Andreou.  Kapon Editions, Athens, 2015, pp. 168-174.