Conditions of Probation

The student must seek the advice of an Academic Counsellor in their Faculty.

The student will be permitted to take a maximum number of 2.0 courses during the summer, and a maximum of 4.0 during the Fall/Winter sessions, and may be advised to take fewer courses.

Probation begins immediately upon official notification from the Office of the Registrar, and will last until the first adjudication period at which a minimum of 3.0 courses have been attempted; Notification would be in the form of either an email to the student's UWO account, a letter mailed to the student's home address, or a notice posted in the student's comment section below their grades in the Student Centre.

The student on Probation must achieve an average of at least 60% with no failures, on all courses taken during the probation period; if conditions of probation have been met and the cumulative average remains below 60%, the probation period will be extended automatically until the first adjudication period at which a minimum of 3.0 course have been attempted. Failures during the Summer portion of an extension of the probationary period will require the student to withdraw for the Fall term.

The student will be allowed only one probation in the time taken to complete a degree; and only one probation extension. A student will be required to withdraw if either the cumulative average or probation conditions are not met during this extended probation period.

The student who fails to meet the Conditions of Probation will be required to withdraw from the University for twelve months.