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Department of Statistical and Actuarial Science Help Centre

DSAS Academic Counsellors/Advisors are available to answer queries about courses and modules

 Due to COVID-19, the Help Center will operate via email communication at this time.  

Actuarial Science 
Financial Modelling

Reasons for seeing DSAS Counsellor/Advisor:

  • General questions about courses and modules 
  • Taking a course offered by the DSAS department:  
    • Without the prerequisite
    • Despite a timetable conflict
    • Despite the course being full

2020-21 Counsellor/Advisor Contact Information

Special requirements for courses taken elsewhere in lieu of Western University prerequisite courses

If you want to use a course that was NOT taken at Western as a prerequisite for an DSAS course you must provide:

  • Detailed course outline which clearly specifies topics covered, textbook used
  • A weblink to the course outline at the University where the course was administered

Data Science

Data science refers to the development and application of methodologies for inspecting, cleaning, managing, transform, visualizing and modeling data with a view to discovering useful information, reaching conclusions and supporting decision making.  Data Science is inherently interdisciplinary, with the two dominant disciplines being Computer Science and Statistical Science.

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Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Centre - Western Univeristy 

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Virtual PAL

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Academic Support & Engagement

Academic Support and Engagement supports students academic, personal, and professional growth. When students participate in our programming and receive support from our team, they discover and develop their strengths, establish their academic identity, engage in leadership and learning opportunities, and build the confidence and competence they need to thrive.