Dean's Waiver

Required to Withdraw (RTW) from the University

A student will be Required to Withdraw (RTW) from the University for a minimum of twelve months when one of the following conditions applies:

  • They did not satisfy the minimum Progression Requirements for continuation of study at Western;
  • They did not meet the conditions of probation; or
  • They have exceeded the maximum number of failed courses allowed (6.0 courses)

The intent behind requiring students to temporarily withdraw from the university is not to penalize them, but rather to provide them the necessary time to reflect on their challenges and address them before resuming their academic journey. Information on the application for readmission to Western is available on this website: (

Further details on Probation and RTW policies can be found in the resources provided by the Office of Ombudsperson (

Dean's Waiver

Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements

Can I appeal for an exception to the university policy after being RTW?

A student who has been Required to Withdraw from the University and whose academic standing has been jeopardized by serious medical or personal difficulties may appeal for a Dean's Waiver of Progression Requirements.

Refer to the Dean’s Waiver Guide provided by the Office of Ombudsperson(

“The Dean’s Waiver process is a safety net provided by the University for students whose academic performance was impacted by a serious health issue or other circumstances beyond the student's control. If your situation was within your control, or not very serious, a waiver is unlikely to succeed.”

The deadline to submit the petition is June 30, or within 7 days after receiving the RTW email notice from the Faculty of Science Academic Advising Office, whichever date is later

Prepare the appeal/petition (or application) by following the Dean's Waiver Form instructions