Guiding Principles

The decisions and actions of the Faculty of Science at Western are guided by the following fundamental set of norms which we aim to apply as stewards of post-secondary education, scholars, researchers, and members-in-good-standing of our local, national, and international communities.


Assume personal accountability for the integrity of actions and decisions in all facets of professional life within the Faculty of Science.


Be prepared to re-evaluate strategies, processes, and actions to respond to changes in context and optimize policies and practices in a dynamic environment. 


Demonstrate openness and appreciation for cultural and intellectual diversity.


Promote and acknowledge success such that individuals are positioned, equipped, empowered, and inspired to achieve their professional goals and aspirations.


Engage a culture of leadership underscored by mentorship to empower and facilitate intellectual and skill development across the organization.


Engage in respectful, relevant, and timely bi-directional exchanges to accurately inform, solicit input, provide feedback, debrief or influence faculty, staff, contractual resources, students, and Western Science stakeholders.