National Awards Archive

Order of Canada

Recipients within the Faculty of Science

Year Recipient Department Level
1989 W.S. Fyfe Geology Companion
2000 W.G.E. Caldwell Earth Sciences Officer
2002 G.M. Bancroft Chemistry Officer
2007 R.J. Puddephatt Chemistry Officer
2014 J.N. McNeil Biology Member
2016 T.K. Sham Chemistry Officer

Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

Fellows Elected 1958-2018

Name Year of Election Discipline
Dr. Robert Murray 1958 Microbiology and Biochemistry
Dr. P.A. Forsyth 1960 Physics
Dr. Carl Robinow 1960 Microbiology and Biochemistry
Dr. P. de Mayo 1975 Chemistry
Dr. J.B. Stothers 1976 Chemistry
Dr. J.C.D. Brand 1978 Chemistry
Dr. J.B. Bancroft 1979 Plant Sciences
Dr. William Caldwell 1979 Earth Sciences
Prof. Aleksis Dreimanis 1979 Earth Sciences
Dr. William Fyfe 1980 Earth Sciences
Dr. Michael Locke 1980 Zoology
Dr. G. Michael Bancroft 1982 Chemistry
Dr. Richard Kane 1988 Mathematics
Dr. Richard Puddephatt 1991 Chemistry
Dr. C.Y. Kang 1993 Zoology
Dr. Gordon McBean 1993 Atmospheric Sciences
Dr. Norman Huner 1995 Plant Sciences
Dr. Michael Fleet 1996 Earth Sciences
Dr. Frederick Longstaffe 1997 Earth Sciences
Dr. László Orlóci 1997 Plant Sciences
Dr. Jeremy McNeil 1999 Zoology
Dr. J. Peter Guthrie 2002 Chemistry
Dr. Peter Norton 2007 Chemistry
Dr. H. Wayne Nesbitt 2009 Earth Sciences
Dr. Tsun-Kong Sham 2012 Chemistry
Dr. Gail Marie Atkinson 2014 Earth Sciences
Dr. Brock Fenton 2014 Biology
Dr. Wayne Hocking 2014 Physics & Astronomy
Dr. David Shoesmith 2016 Chemistry
Dr. Lars Konermann 2018 Chemistry
Dr. Elizabeth Gillies 2018 Chemistry
Dr. Danielle Way 2018 Biology

Canada Research Chairs

Tier 1

Name Research Year
Dr. Tsun-Kong Sham Materials and Synchrotron Radiation 2002 Renewed: 2009
Dr. John F. Jardine Applied Homotopy Theory 2002
Dr. Norman Huner Environmental Stress Biology 2002 Renewed: 2009
Dr. Peter Brown Planetary Small Bodies Year
Dr. Fred Longstaffe Stable Isotope Science 2012

Tier 2

Name Research Year
Dr. Martin Houde Star Formation 2005
Dr. Matt Davison Quantitative Finance 2006 Renewed: 2011
Dr. Elizabeth Gillies Biomaterials Synthesis 200 Renewed: 2012
Dr. Nusha Keyghobadi Molecular Ecology and Landscape Genetics 2007 Renewed: 2012
Dr. Irena Creed Watershed Sciences 2007 Renewed: 2012
Dr. François Lagugné-Labarthet Nanomaterials and Photonics 2008 Renewed: 2013
Dr. Amanda Moehring Functional Genomics 2008 Renewed: 2015
Dr. Giovanni Fanchini Carbon-based Nanomaterials and Nano-optoelectronics 2009 Renewed: 2014
Dr. Brian Branfireun Environment and Sustainability 2010 Renewed: 2016
Dr. Stanimir Metchev Extrasolar Planets 2013
Dr. Audrey Bouvier Planetary Materials 2013
Dr. Markus Müller Foundation of Physics 2016

3M Teaching Fellowship

Recipients 1990-2014

Year Recipient Department
1990 N.C. Baird Chemistry
1991 T.D. Gaily Physics
1993 M.M. Robinson Physiology
1995 T.L. Haffie Plant Sciences
2000 E.P.H. Chan Anatomy & Cell Biology
2014 C. Tsujita Earth Sciences

Allen Pratt Memorial Award for Community Service

Recipients within the Faculty of Science

Year Department Recipient
2017 Chemistry T.K. Sham

Keith Laidler Award

Recipients within the Faculty of Science

Year Department Recipient
2017 Chemistry Viktor Staroverov

W.A.E McBryde Medal

Recipients within the Faculty of Science

Year Department Recipient
2017 Chemistry Zhifeng Ding