Remembrance Day 2022

Each year, we gather to remember all those who served our country during times of war, conflict and peace.

Western’s Remembrance Day ceremony, hosted by the University Students’ Council, will take place in the McKellar Room (2nd floor UCC) at 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with a pause for moment of silence at 11 a.m.

The ceremony will include musical performances, poetry, artifacts, and remarks from the HMCS Prevost. All campus community members including students, employees and members of the public are invited to attend.

The ceremony will also be available virtually on the University Students’ Council Facebook page.

Affiliate university college virtual ceremonies on November 11:


Remembrance Day Ceremony in the Huron Chapel

Lest we forget. All are invited to Huron’s annual Remembrance Day Ceremony where names of the fallen graduates are read. The ceremony centres around prayers for peace, scriptural lessons from various faiths, and the procession of the wreathe to the Memorial Tower. The choir leads our meditation through music.

Remembrance Day Huron Movie Screening of "The Ace and the Scout" at 2:00 p.m.
This is an exciting event that will feature a Q and A with the filmmaker, Aaron Huggett, and a screening of the film, "The Ace and the Scout," about legendary Anishnaabe sniper Francis "Peggy" Pegahmagabow. The film has regional and global points of interest, as it was filmed on location primarily in Oil Springs, Grand Bend, Kent Bridge, Petrolia and Guelph, Ontario; with additional filming at Glendalough, Ireland and Agincourt, France.


King’s annual Remembrance Day service will be held at 10:45 a.m.

This year’s ceremony will consist of a piper, bugler and the King’s Chamber Choir in a ceremony led by Fr. Paul Kim at the flagpoles in front of Wemple

First World War

A.V. Becher
J.C. Forsyth
D.G.K. Garrett
William Griffiths
T.R. Guilfoyle
L.F. Jamieson
E.F. Johnston
C.F. Jones
R.J. Kain
R.G.C. Kelly
H.A. Kingsmill
A.C. McCormack
Nursing Sister Agnes McDougall
A.E. McKay
J.R. Meredith
G.B. Patterson
Harold Payne
W.F.D. Smith
Private E. Spring
E.H. Stephenson
J.M. Young
Nursing Sister Anna Elizabeth Whitely

Second World War

J.M. Alexander
H.G. Anderson
A.D.G. Bell
N.H. Bier
G.S. Blake
W.L. Brown
J. Brunette
A.M. Burslem
B.A. Casey
E.M. Childs
G.K. Coates
J.W. Colburn
R.D. Crone
P.H. Cronyn
D.E. Derbyshire
H.A. Deviney
R.H. Douglas
H.D. Durrant
G.A. Eaton
L.A. Elliott
A.McD. Ferguson
W.L. Ferguson
F.L. Fisher
D.F. French
W.H. Fuller
J.E. Gaunt
A.U. Gilles
J.D. Gray
G.L. Hall
E.J. Hanley
W.J. Hartry
J.F. Harvey
D.G. Hilborn
L.C. Hillis
A.D. Hone
H.D. Hooper
J.B. Hunt
W.D. Irwin
S.W. Jones
W.D. Lawrence
A.O. Learmonth
J.G. Lee
P.O. Lee
H.F.L. Longworth
R.A. Luard
I. MacKenzie
K. MacLean
J.Y. Marshall
J.A.W. McKenzie
W.B. McManus
R.S. Morgan
E.G. Nelson
G.S. Oliphant
R.J. Painton
J.R. Paisley
J.G.L. Partridge
N.G. Pearce
H.C. Phillips
R.N. Pole
G.A. Ponsford
W.A. Reason
J.N. Richardson
W.A. Rider
F.V. Robinson
J.B. Ruston
S.A. Sanderson
W.J. Shapter
J.B. Smith
L.M. Spry
W.J. Stevenson
A. Stewart
D. Vail
S.L. Valeriote
E.G. Venus
H.A. Wills
R. Wilson
T.E. Woolley
C.A. Wright
F.C. Zurbrigg