Feminist Philosophy

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Western Philosophy has a longstanding international reputation in feminist philosophy. It has been ranked in the top 20 philosophy departments worldwide in this area (The Philosophical Gourmet Report). We have particularly strong expertise in feminist ethics, feminist applied ethics, feminist/critical phenomenology, and feminist epistemology. Research topics that we have explored include moral responsibility in collective contexts, trust, autonomy, and intersectionality in feminist ethics; reproductive injustice and fitness in feminist applied ethics; perception and art in feminist/critical phenomenology; and epistemic injustice and standpoint theory in feminist epistemology. The members in this field have strong ties to the Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies and to faculty members from other units at Western who do feminist research. We also benefit from the overlap between our research and that of other research areas in our department, especially the History of Philosophy and the Philosophy of Science, and of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy.

Core Faculty
Helen Fielding
Tracy Isaacs
Carolyn McLeod

Emeritus Faculty
Kathleen Okruhlik

Faculty with Related Interests
Corey Dyck
Benjamin Hill
Francesca Vidotto

Research Groups
Feminist Philosophy Research Group
AI (artificial intelligence) and Ethics Research Group