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Graduated 2017-18

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

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A Complete Special Goods Theory of Filial Obligations
The Foundations of Revealed Religion 100 Years before David Hume: The Contribution of Anthony Collins
Graduated 2016-17

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position

Species Pluralism

Mount Allison

Professor, MacEwan University

Varieties of Objectivity: What’s Worth Keeping?



Similarity, Adequacy, and Purpose: Understanding the Success of Scientific Models

Post-doc., University of Pennsylvania


A New Framework for Enactivism: Understanding the enactive body through structural flexibility and Merleau-Ponty’s ontology of flesh



Virtue Ethics for Relational Beings



The De futuris contingentibus of Thomas Bradwardine



The Goal of Habituation in Aristotle: A Neo-Mechanical Account



Evidence in Neuroimaging: Towards a Philosophy of Data Analysis



Fiduciary Duties and Commercial Surrogacy



Foreknowledge, Free Will, and the Divine Power Distinction in Thomas Bradwardine's De futuris contingentibus



Evidence in Neuroimaging: Towards a Philosophy of Data Analysis

Graduated 2015-16

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position

Evaluating the Quantum Postulate in the Context of Pursuit

Asst. Prof., Universite de Montreal (TT)


Kant and the British Moral Sense Tradition

SSHRC Post-doc (2-year), University St. Andrews

On the Role of Mathematics in Scientific Representation



Testimony as Significance Negotiation



A Pure Representationalist Account of Belief and Desire



Constellations of Empiricism, New Science, and Mind in Hobbes, Locke, and Hume



Assessing Decision-Making Capacity After Severe Brain Injury



The Moral Status and Welfare of Patients Diagnosed as Vegetative With Covert Awareness



Probabilistic Reasoning in Cosmology

Post-doc, University of Pittsburgh (Center for Philosophy of Science)

Contesting Gender Concepts, Norms, and Language: Three Critical Essays on Political and Ethical Aspects of Gender Non-Conformity

Visiting Prof. of Feminist Philosophy, Dalhousie University

On Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Post-doc (3-year) University of Hannover (Leibniz-Universität Hannover)

On Philosophical Intuitions

Lecturer, Fanshawe College

Assessing Decision-Making Capacity after Severe Brain Injury

Research Asst. Prof. in Bioethics (TT) at the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, George Mason University

Philipp Frank: Philosophy of Science, Pragmatism, and Social Engagement

Non-academic employment

Similarity, Adequacy, and Purpose: Understanding the Success of Scientific Models

Post-doc (2-year), Univ. of Pennsylvania

Testimony as Significance Negotiation

Sessional Lecturer, Huron University College

Graduated 2014-15

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

Language, Mind, and Cognitive Science: Remarks on theories of the language-cognition relationships in human minds

SSHRC, Postdoctoral Fellow,
Yale University

Asst Professor (LTA), Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec

Love and Ethics in the Works of J. M. E. McTaggart

Consulting Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group


Gamete Provision and Moral Responsibility

Postdoctoral Fellow, Lancaster University

 Asst Professor (TT), Philosophy, UC San Diego

Hypothetical Necessity and the Laws of Nature: John Locke on God’s Legislative Power

Visiting Fellow, Concordia University College of Alberta

 Probationary Regular Faculty Member, Douglas College

William James’ Theory of Emotion

Writing Consultant, Writing Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University


Graduated 2013-14

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

A Defence of Anti-Psychologism about Reasons

Non-academic employment


Aristotle on the Good of Friendship

Academic Coordinator, LePort Schools, California


An Ethical Justification for Research with Children

Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Postdoctoral Fellow, Ethox Centre, Oxford University


A Feminist Defence of Moderate Intuitionism

Non-academic employment


Method and Metaphor in Aristotle's Science of Nature

Postdoctoral Fellow, Humboldt University of Berlin (Excellence Cluster TOPOI)


The Methodological Roles of Tolerance and Conventionalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics: Reconsidering Carnap's Logic of Science

Limited Duties, Western


Well-being, Authority, and Worth

Consulting Analyst, MacLean and Company


Structures in Real Theory Application: A Study in Feasible Epistemology

Graduate Student, Applied Mathematics, Western


Some Disputed Aspects of Inertia, with Particular Reference to the Equivalence Principle

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Bristol University


Justice, Rights, and Capabilities

Visiting Asst. Prof., UBC Okanogan

Lecturer, University of Lethbridge

Graduated 2012-13

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

Does Empirical Moral Psychology Rest on a Mistake? Understanding Theories About the Nature of Moral Judgment as Moral Propositions

Asst. Prof., Winona State University (TT)

On the Physical Explanation of Quantum Computational Speedup

Postdoctoral Fellow, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich

The Reasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

Postdoctoral Fellow, Applied Math and Actuarial Sciences, Western

Asst. Prof. (TT), Simon Fraser University

Hannah Arendt and Feminist Agency

Humanities/Sophia Libman Professor (3-year), Hood College

Asst. Prof. (TT), University of Waterloo

From Mirror to Mirage: The Idea of Logical Space in Kant, Wittgenstein, and van Fraassen

Limited duties, Western

Husserl’s Transcendental Idealism and the Problem of Solipsism

Limited Duties, Western

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter), Department of Philosophy, Paderborn University (2017)

Fertility Preservation Technologies for Women:  A Feminist Ethical Analysis

Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University (Novel Tech Ethics)



The Resilience of a Refined Higher-Order Thought Theory of Consciousness



Graduated 2011-12

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

Aristotle's Concept of Nature: Three Tensions

Faculty-NFT, Fanshaw College

Meta-heuristic Strategies in Scientific Judgment

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, McGill University Biomedical Ethics Unit, Faculty of Medicine

Emergence and Reduction in Science. A Case Study

Postdoctoral Fellow, IHPST, University of Paris 1, Sorbonne

Creating and Raising Humans: Essays on the Morality of Procreating and Parenting

Asst. Prof., St. Olaf College (TT)

Anti-foundational Categorical Structuralism

Non-academic employment


Explanation in Science

Knocean Consultancy


Ordinary Empirical Judgments and our Scientific Knowledge: An Extension of Reformed Empiricism to the Philosophy of Science

Limited Term Appointment, University of Waterloo

The Case for Quantum State Realism

Limited Duties, Western


Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Environment, Waterloo

A Rawlsian Idea of Deliberative Democracy

Postdoctoral Fellow, Rotman Institute of Philosophy, Western

Thomas Hobbes on Punishment

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Berkeley


Graduated 2010-2011

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

Heuristics, Concepts, and Cognitive Architecture: Toward Understanding How the Mind Works

Visiting Asst. Prof., Mount Allison University

Postdoctoral Fellow, Leibniz Universität, Hannover

Kant and the Fact of Reason

Law Student, University of Toronto

Limited Duties, Trent, Western

Aristotle’s Naïve Somatism

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of South Carolina

Program Manger, Info-Tech Research Group

Feeling, Impulse and Changeability: The Role of Emotion in Hume's Theory of the Passions

Postdoc, University of Antwerp

Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University (as of 2015)

Limited Duties, Western

The Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention

Policy Analyst, Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists

Junior Bioethics Fellow, St. Joseph’s Hospital

Clinical Ethicist, Alberta Health Services, Lethbridge

Department of Bioethics, Dalhousie University

The Problem of Katholou (Universals) in Aristotle

Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta

 Asst. Prof., University of Vermont (TT)

Graduated 2009-10

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

An Analysis of Conventionalism in Early Analytic Philosophy

Limited Duties, Western

Asst. Prof., Huron University College (TT)

Intuitions, Cross-Cultural Cognition, and Experimental Philosophy

Limited Duties, Western

Strategic Planning Analyst with the Federal Government of Canada

Contemporary Cosmology as a Case Study in Scientific Methodology

Limited Duties, Western


Solomon’s Cipher: Evil, Skepticism, and Toleration in Bayle

Templeton Fellow, University of Notre Dame

 Asst. Prof., Trent University (TT)

A Cognitive Approach To Benacerraf’s Dilemma

Visiting Asst. Prof., Clark University

Elements of a New Constructional System



Naturalism, Norms, and Mental Content

Collective Responsibility and Individual Complicity

Postdoctoral Fellow, Queens University

Limited Duties, Western

Critical Thinking and The Ethics of Teaching

Limited Term, Huron University College

Asst. Prof., Edison State College, (TT)

Moral Feelings and Participation in Collective Harms

Instructor, Dalhousie University

Intentional Volitions: Malebranche and Locke on Human Freedom

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSD

Asst. Prof., Wellesley College (TT)

Graduated 2008-09

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“Reconstructive and Natural Language Applications of Linguistic Analysis”

SSHRC Postdoc, Western

Instructor, Western

“Sellars, Scientific Realism, and the Philosophy of Mind”

Limited Duties, Western

Non-academic employment

“Rights, Interests, Choices and Autonomy”

Limited Duties, Western

Graduated 2007-08

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“The Metaphysical Basis of Logic”

Limited Duties, Western

“Peirce and Spinoza’s Surprising Pragmaticism”

Asst. Prof., University of Waterloo (TT)

Assoc. Prof., University of Waterloo

“If Fishes Were Made of Iron: Aristotle’s Thought Experiments”

Non-academic employment

“Aristotle On Constitutive Moral Luck”

Asst. Prof., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (TT)

Asst. Prof., SUNY Brockport (TT)

St. Joseph’s Hospital (London, ON) – Clinical Ethics

Graduated 2006-07

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“Basic Logical Knowledge and its Justification”

Instructor, University of Calgary

Instructor, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)


Instructor, St. Thomas More College at the University of Saskatchewan

Visiting Asst. Prof., Texas A&M

“On The Nature and Possibility of an Ethics of Belief”

Visiting Asst. Prof., University of Oklahoma

Law Student, University of Toronto


Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“The ‘Hierarchy of Evidence’ and the Structure of Medical Research: Implications For Evidence”

Postdoctoral fellow in Neuropsychiatry, Western (Department of Psychiatry)

Associate Prof., Old Dominion University

“A Critical Examination of Cultural Evolution: Natural Selection in Bird Songs”

Postdoctoral Fellowship, CIHR Ethics of Health Research & Health Policy Training Program, Dalhousie University

Asst. Prof., and Canada Research Chair in Environment, Culture and Values, Laurentian University (TT)

“Locke’s Direct Realism”

Secondary School Teacher

Graduated 2004-05

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“Relativity, Inversion and Color in Analytic Philosophy”

Asst. Prof., Brandon University (TT)

Assoc. Prof., Brandon University

“Getting Clear on Descartes’s Theories of Visual Depth Perception”

Limited Duties, Western

Non-academic employment

“Heisenberg’s Notion of Interpretation”

Asst. Prof., University of King’s college HST (TT)

“Meaning and Determinacy in the Foundations of Mathematics”

Asst. Prof., Concordia University (TT)

Assoc. Prof., Concordia University

“Fregean Logicism and Conceptual Analysis”

Instructor, University of Toronto

“Content and Its Problems: A Critique of Contemporary Naturalistic Semantics”

Postdoc, University of Witwatersrand (Johannesberg)

Research Fellow,

Philosophy, Kyung Hee University (Korea)

“The Value of Death”

Asst. Prof., Trent University (TT)

Assoc. Prof., Trent University

Graduated 2003-04

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“Tuning the Sensors: Towards a Theory of the Generic Epistemic Subject”

Postdoc, European Centre for Ontological Research, University of Saarland (Germany)

Senior Ontologist at the Mayo Clinic

“Identity Theory and the Metaphysics of Conscious Experience”

Asst. Prof., Trent University

“Deriving Restorative Justice from Retributivism”

Asst. Prof., University College of Cape Breton (TT)


“Thomas Reid’s Theory of Vision”

Visiting Assistant Professor, Auburn University (Alabama)

Asst. Prof., University of British Columbia (Okanagan) (TT)

“Jury Nullification in Anglo-American Criminal Law”

Asst. Prof., University of Akron (TT)

Assoc Prof., University of Akron

“Descartes as Faust: Dissimulation and Descartes as an Early-Modern Scientist”

Visiting Asst. Prof., Memorial University Newfoundland

“Spacetime in Modern Physical Theories”

Sessional Instructor, University of Victoria

“Systematic Dependencies and Contemporary Scientific Explanation”

Asst. Prof., Montclair State University (TT)

“Representing, Imagining and Understanding: The Aesthetics and Epistemology of Images in Science”

Asst. Prof., Dalhousie University (TT)

Assoc. Prof., Dalhousie University

“Transcendental Arguments and Kant’s Critical Refutation of Dogmatism and Empiricism”

Lecturer, University of Witwatersrand (TT)

Assoc. Prof., St. Thomas University, New Brunswick

“The Moral Status of Children: A Contractarian Approach”

Asst. Prof., Youngstown State University (Ohio) (TT)

Assoc. Prof., Youngstown State University

Graduated 2002-03

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“Showing Some Humean Sympathy: The Role of Emotion in Moral Reasoning”

Visiting Asst. Prof., University of Utah

Assoc. Prof., Cape Breton University

“The Nature of Evil: A Study in Moral Theory”

SSHRC Postdoc, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Assoc. Prof., St. Mary's University, Halifax, NS

“The Pluralist Critique of Liberalism”

Asst. Prof., Acadia University (TT)

Assoc. Prof. and Dept. Head, Acadia University

Graduated 2001-02

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“Feminist Standpoint Theory As A Form of Naturalist Epistemology”

Assoc. Prof., University of Windsor

“Locke’s Ethics and the British Moralists: The Lockean Legacy in Eighteenth Century Moral Philosophy”

Assoc. Prof., University of Guelph

“Dark Matters in Contemporary Astrophysics: A Case Study in Theory Choice and Evidential Reasoning”

Asst. Prof., Wichita State University (TT)

Assoc. Prof., Wichita State University

Graduated 2000-01

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“Concepts and Frege’s Concept-Script”

Instructor, Wilfred Laurier University

Extended Learning Coordinator, University of Waterloo

“The Philosophy of Mathematics of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Non-academic employment

Graduated 1999-2000

Dissertation Title

Initial Placement

Most Recent Position (if different)

“The Keplerian Revolution: Astronomy, Physics, and the Argument for Heliocentrism”

Technical Staff, Dept. of Physics, Royal Military College of Canada

“From Natural Philosophy to Natural Science: The Entrenchment of Newton’s Ideal of Empirical Success”

Fellow, Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation & Rhetoric, University of Windsor

“Hermann Weyl’s Mathematics, Science and Phenomenology”

Assoc. Prof., Saint Paul University, Ottawa

“Immunology and the Indiscrete Self”

Assoc. Prof. and Dept. Chair, Trent University

“The Trouble With Touching: A Problem in Aristotle’s Continuity Theory”

Non-academic employment

“Legality and Legitimacy in the Hart-Fuller Debate”

Asst. Prof., Department of Law and Justice, Laurentian University (TT)

“Anthropological Approaches to the Philosophy of Translation”

Lecturer in Philosophy and Humanities, San Jose State University