Research Groups

Biology, Philosophy, Evolution Discussion Group (BiPED)

Founded in 1996, BiPED is an interdisciplinary group that brings together faculty, post-docs and students from biology, philosophy and related disciplines to discuss research related to life sciences. BiPED meets about twice a month, and also sponsors occasional guest lectures or special events.

2017-18 Active Members
Andre Lachance, Brent Sinclair, Eric Desjardins, Erik Weise, Fermin Fulda, Gillian Barker, Jody Tomchishen, Justin Donhauser, Klodian Coko, Sheila Macfie, Yanira Jimenez Padilla

Feminist Philosophy Research Group

With eight philosophers in a variety of fields whose work can be classified in full or in part under the rubric “Feminist Philosophy”, Western is one of only 20 philosophy graduate programs in the English-speaking world recognized by the Philosophical Gourmet as having strength in this area. Recently the group was very active in the organization of the XIV IAPh Symposium 2010: Feminism, Science and Values held at The University of Western Ontario. The International Association of Women Philosophers met at The University of Western Ontario in June 2010. It was the organization’s first meeting in Canada and only its second meeting in North America.

Kant Research Group

The Kant Research Group is a community of scholars based at the University of Western Ontario (in London ON, Canada) with primary research interests in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). The UWO KRG considers all aspects of Kant's philosophy, and issues pertaining to the historical context and reception of Kant's thought is an area of particular interest. In addition to holding regular meetings in which members present their latest research, the UWO KRG supports local conferences and workshops on Kantian topics. It also maintains an archive of digitized texts from the 18th century. More information

Current Members
Robert DiSalle, Corey W> Dyck, Lorne Falkenstein, William Harper, Dennis Klimchuk, Kathleen Okruhlik, Brigitte Sassen