Course Requirements
MA / PhD

2023-24 Important Dates

Fall Term Winter Term
First Day of Classes September 7 January 8
Last Day of Classes December 8 April 8
Reading Week October 30 - November 3 February 19 - 23
Grades Due January 7 May 7

Course Schedule

Fall Term 2023

Course Number Course Title
PHILOSOP 9245 Philosophy of Science Survey
Area: SCI

The Cognitive Ontology Debate
Area: M&L

PHILOSOP 9068 Cartesian and Non-Cartesian Theories of Mind in the Early Modern Era
Area: HIST
Cross-listed: PHILOSOP 4730F
Trust and Social Bonds
Area: FEM / MPL
PHILOSOP 9137 Ethics in 12 Arguments
Area: MPL
PHILOSOP 9653 Proseminar

Recommended External Courses

POLITICS 9762 Theories of Global Justice

Winter Term 2024

Course Number  Course Title
PHILOSOP 9044 Ancient Political Philosophy
Area: HIST (Ancient)


STATS 9940 / ECE 9660 / COMPSCI 9147
Ethical & Societal Implications of A.I.
Area: SCI / MPL


Cross-listed: PHILOSOP 4091G
Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception
Area: FEM


Cross-listed: PHILOSOP 4050G
Kant's First Critique
Area: HIST
PHILOSOP 9303 Measurement
Area: SCI
PHILOSOP 9900 Prospectus


Cross-listed: PHILOSOP 4045G

Hume (and some Humeans) on Scarcity, Conventions, Property and Justice
Area: HIST / MPL

Recommended External Courses


Central Problems in Political Theory

Current students and alumni can request
archived course outlines from the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Historical Graduate Course Offerings


Fall Term 2022

Course Number Course Title Instructor
Philosophy 9015A / 4051F Kant's 'Critique of Practical Reason'
Area: HIST
C. Dyck
Philosophy 9062A Personal Identity
Area: HIST
B. Hill
Philosophy 9117A /
PoliSci 9762A / 4206F
Theories of Global Justice
Area: MPL
R. Vernon
Philosophy 9128A /
PoliSci 9503A
Central Problems in Political Theory
Area: MPL
C. Jones
Philosophy 9131A Ross' Ethics
A. Skelton
Philosophy 9605A / 4410F Concepts
Area: M&L
C. Viger
Philosophy 9653A Proseminar R. DiSalle
Philosophy 9703A / 4431F Women and Science
Area: FEM, SCI
F. Vidotto

Winter Term 2023

Course Number  Course Title Instructor
Philosophy 9043B Plato on Justice and Knowledge
Area: HIST
D. Henry
Philosophy 9221B Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
Area: SCI
W. Myrvold
Philosophy 9230B /
Psychol 9230B
Issues in Philosophy, Psychology
and Neuroscience
Area: M&L
M. Anderson

Philosophy 9232B

STATS 9940B / ECE 9660B / COMPSCI 9147B

Ethical & Societal Implications of A.I.
Area: SCI / MPL
C. Smeenk
Philosophy 9408B The Puzzle of Consciousness
Area: M&L
D. Bourget
Philosophy 9602B / 4037G Metaphysics: Leibniz to Kant
Area: HIST
R. DiSalle
Philosophy 9900B Prospectus A. Skelton


Fall Term 2021

Course Number Course Title Instructor
Philosophy 9703A/4331F Women and Science
Area: Science, Feminism
F. Vidotto
Philosophy 9236A/ 4310F Synthetic Biology
Area: Science
E. Desjardins
Philosophy 9653A Pro-seminar
Area: History, M & L
R. DiSalle
Philosophy 9128A/ PoliSci Central Problems in Political Theory
Area: MPL
C. Jones
Philosophy 9168A Collective Responsibility
Area: MPL, Feminism
T. Isaacs
Philosophy 9066A Schopenhauer Area: History C. Dyck

Winter Term 2022

Course Number Course Title Instructor
Philosophy 9107B/ 4751G Gender and Race
Area: Feminism, MPL
C. McLeod
Philosophy 9234B/ Compsci AI Ethics: A Comprehensive Intro
Area: Science, MPL
M. Barnes
M. Katchabaw
Philosophy 9900B Prospectus J. Sullivan
Philosophy 9237B Physics and Reality
Area: Science
R. DiSalle
Philosophy 9067B Empiricism Across Early Modern
Area: History
B. Hill
Philosophy 9284B Effective Field Theories
Area: Science
C. Smeenk
Philosophy 9408B The Puzzle of Consciousness
Area: M&L
D. Bourget
Philosophy 9042B/ 4007G Classical Virtue Ethics
Area: History, MPL
D. Henry
Philosophy 9121B/
Theories of Global Justice R. Vernon



Fall Term 2020

Course Number Course Title Instructor
Philosophy 9129A Trust and Social Bonds
Area: MPL, Feminist
C. McLeod
Philosophy 9703A Women and Science
Area: Science, Feminist
F. Vidotto
Philosophy 9207A Topics in the Philosophy of Psychiatry
Area: M&L
L. Charland
Philosophy 9228A/
Psychol 9230A
Philosophy, Psychology & Neuroscience
Area: M&L
M. Anderson
Philosophy 9128A Central Problems in Political Theory
Area: MPL
C. Jones
Philosophy 9102A Sidgwick's Ethics
Area: MPL, History
A. Skelton
Philosophy 9130A George Berkeley's Social & Political Philosophy
Area: MPL
A. Luis
Philosophy 9653A Pro-seminar
Area: M&L, History
R. DiSalle
Philosophy 9224A Philosophy of Cosmology
Area: Science
C. Smeenk

Winter Term 2021

Course Number Course Title Instructor
Philosophy 9122B Toleration
Area: MPL
R. Vernon
Philosophy 9900B Prospectus Course A. Skelton
Philosophy 9215B Philosophy of Probability
Area: Science
W. Myrvold
Philosophy 9234B/ 9232B Implications of AI
Area: Science
M. Katchabaw
B. Chomanski
Philosophy 9061B Leibniz as Critic of Locke
Area: History
B. Hill
Philosophy 9041B Kant
Area: History
R. DiSalle
Philosophy 9010B Ancient Ethics: From Socrates to Epicurus
Area: History
D. Henry
Philosophy 9121B/ PoliSci Global Justice
Area: MPL
R. Vernon
Philosophy 9231B Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation
Area: Science
J. Sullivan
Philosophy 9622B Consciousness & Thought
Area: M&L
D. Bourget

Summer Term 2021

Course Number Course Title Instructor
Philosophy 9400L History of the Philosophy of Language
Area: M&L, History
R. Stainton
Philosophy 9617L Mental Representation
Area: M&L
A. Mendelovici


Fall Term 2019

Philosophy 9245A: Myrvold: Survey of Philosophy of Science (Sci)
Philosophy 9119A: Jones: Human Rights (MPL)
Philosophy 9802A: Charland: Topics in the Philosophy of Emotion (Tu 2:30-5:30, Mind & Lang)
Philosophy 9608A: Viger: Consciousness (W 11:30-2:30, Mind & Lang)
Philosophy 9615A: Fielding: Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception (Th 11:30-230, Mind & Lang)
Philosophy 9127A: Klimchuk: Aristotle’s Legal Theory (F 9:30-12:30, Hist or MPL)

Winter Term 2020

Philosophy 9122B: Vernon: Toleration (M 9:30-11:30, MPL)
Philosophy 9230B: Anderson: Issues in Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience (M 2:30-5:30, Mind & Lang)
Philosophy 9040B: Dyck: Race and Philosophy in the 18th Century (Tu 11:30-2:30, Hist)
Philosophy 9212B: DiSalle: Philosophical Foundations of Modern Physics (Th 11:30-2:30, Sci of Hist)
Philosophy 9121B: Vernon: Global Justice (Th 11:30-1:30, MPL)
Philosophy 9225B: Psillos: Scientific Realism (TBA-accelerated, Sci)

Summer Term 2020

Philosophy 9400L: Stainton: Survey of Philosophy of Language (TBA, Mind & Lang)


Fall Term 2018

Philosophy 9114A: TRUST & TESTIMONY (McLeod)
Philosophy 9117A: THEORIES OF GLOBAL JUSTICE (Vernon)
Philosophy 9125A: POLITICAL THEORY - EQUALITY (Jones)
Philosophy 9126A: WELL-BEING (Skelton)
Philosophy 9620A: EMPIRICISM & THEORY STRUCTURE (Smeenk)
Philosophy 9653A: PRO-SEMINAR (Stainton)
Philosophy 9750A: PHILOSOPHY OF BIOLOGY (Barker)

Winter Term 2019

Philosophy 9033B:KANT'S THEORY OF COGNITION (Dyck)
Philosophy 9122B: TOLERATION (Vernon)
Philosophy 9124B: SOCIAL CONTRACT PLATO TO RAWLS (Klimchuk)
Philosophy 9221B: PHIL OF QUANTUM MECHANICS (Myrvold)
Philosophy 9230B: ISSUES IN PHIL & NEUROSCIENCE (Anderson)
Philosophy 9231B: PHIL OF SCI EXPERIMENTATION (Sullivan)
Philosophy 9232B: IMPLICATIONS OF AI (Smeenk)
Philosophy 9233B: WHAT IS A LAW OF NATURE? (Psillos)
Philosophy 9605B: CONCEPTS (Viger)
Philosophy 9614B: PHIL OF LANGUAGE SURVEY (Stainton)
Philosophy 9730B: FEMINIST BIOETHICS (McLeod)
Philosophy 9900B: PROSPECTUS COURSE (Desjardins)


Fall Term 2017

Philosophy 9029A: From Natural Law to Moral Sense: Moral Philosophy 1550-1780 (Survey--History/Value Theory)
Philosophy 9215A: Probability
Philosophy 9102A: Sidgwick's Ethics
Philosophy 9504A: What’s love got to do with it?: A survey of feminist thinking about romance, children, and the family (Survey--Feminism/Value Theory) - cross-listed with WS 9533A
Philosophy 9227A: Philosophy of Space and Time
Philosophy 9030A: Aristotle's Ethics
Philosophy 9008A: Kant's First Critique
Philosophy 9653A: Proseminar (Survey--Mind & Language)
Philosophy 9617A: Survey of Philosophy of Mind: Mental Representation (Survey--Mind & Language)
Philosophy 9122A: Political Theory: Toleration - cross-listed with POLISCI 9503A (Survey--Value Theory)

Winter Term 2018

Philosophy 9209B: Empiricism in the Philosophy of Science
Philosophy 9031B: Survey of early modern theories of temporal experience and spatial awareness (Survey--History)
Philosophy 9200B: Twentieth-century Philosophy of Science (Survey--Phil of Science)
Philosophy 9300B: Philosophy of Mathematics (Survey--Phil of Science)
Philosophy 9400B: Survey of Philosophy of Language (Survey--Mind & Language)
Philosophy 9900B: Prospectus Course
Philosophy 9032B: The 'Sophist' and the Sophists
Philosophy 9121B: Theories of Global Justice - cross-listed with POLISCI 9762B/4206G
Philosophy 9123B: Political Theory: Justice Between Generations - cross-listed with POLISCI 9505B
Philosophy 9500B: Survey of Feminist Philosophy (Survey--Feminism)
Philosophy 9230B: Issues in Philosophy, Psychology & Neuroscience
Philosophy 9039B: Survey in 18th Century German Philosophy (Survey - History)


Fall Term 2016

Philosophy 9653A: Pro-seminar - R. Stainton (M&E)
Philosophy 9035A: Aristotle's Metaphysics - J. Thorp (HIST/M&E)
Philosophy 9036A: Thinking Matter in the Seventeenth Century - B. Hill (HIST)
Philosophy 9119A: Human Rights - C. Jones (MPL)
Philosophy 9618A: Philosophy of Mind - C. Viger (M&E)
Philosophy 9245A: Survey of Philosophy of Science - R. DiSalle (SCI/HIST)
Philosophy 9224A: Cosmology - C. Smeenk (SCI)
Philosophy 9225A: Scientific Realism - Intensive Course - S. Psillos (SCI)
Philosophy 9730A: Feminist Bioethics - C. McLeod (MPL)

Winter Term 2017

Philosophy 9037B: The Development of Plato's Political Philosophy - D. Henry (HIST/MPL)
Philosophy 9038B: Grotius and Hobbes - D. Klimchuk (HIST/MPL)
Philosophy 9121B: Theories of Global Justice - R. Vernon MPL
Philosophy 9122B: Toleration - R. Vernon (MPL)
Philosophy 9900B: Prospectus Course - C. McLeod
Philosophy 9226B: Epistemology of Experimentation - J. Sullivan (SCI/M&E)
Philosophy 9750B: Philosophy of Biology (outline updated Dec 22) - G. Barker (SCI)
Philosophy 9619B: Problems in Philosophy of Language - R. Stainton (M&E)


Fall Term 2015

The Sophists and “The Sophist” (Thorp)—History (Ancient)
Hume and Reid on Ethics and the Passions (Falkenstein)—History/MPL (CX w/ Phil 4108)
Proseminar (DiSalle)—M&E
Survey of Phil of Mind (Mendelovici)—M&E (CX w/ Phil 4410)
General Phil of Science (Smeenk)—Science
Phil of Math (Bell)—Science
Egalitarianism (Brennan)—MPL (CX w/ Phil 4810)
Markets & Morals (Hoffmaster)—MPL (CX w/ Phil 4071)

Winter Term 2016

De Anima (Henry)—History (Ancient)
Kant’s First Critique (Dyck)—History (CX w/ Phil 4050)
Phil of Neuroscience (Sullivan)—M&E/Science
Phil of Ecology (Desjardins)—Science
Phil of Quantum Mechanics (Myrvold)—Science
Feminist Critiques of Science (Okruhlik)—Science/MPL (CX w/ Phil 4530)
Theories of Content (Bayne)—M&E
Prospectus Course (Dyck)


Fall Term 2014

Philosophy 9022A: Classics in the History of the Free Will Debate (Falkenstein) - Area: History
Philosophy 9613A: Kripke (Marti/Stainton) - Area: M & E
Philosophy 9653A: Pro-seminar (DiSalle)
Philosophy 9113A: Property (Klimchuk) - Area: MPL
Philosophy 9023A: Interpretations of Kant's Transcendental Idealism (Dyck) - Area: History
Philosophy 9114A: Trust and Testimony (McLeod) - Area: MPL
Philosophy 9024A: The Stoics and Stoicism (Lagerlund) - Area: History (Ancient)
Philosophy 9217A: Philosophy of Biology: Recent Trends (Barker) - Area: Science

Winter Term 2015

Philosophy 9218B: Epistemology of Experimentation (Sullivan) - Area: Science
Philosophy 9250B: Philosophy of Physics (DiSalle) - Area: Science
Philosophy 9614B: Philosophy of Language Survey (Stainton) - Area: M & E / Cross-listed with LING 9453B
Philosophy 9115B: Contemporary Feminist Ethics (Brennan) - Area: MPL
Philosophy 9219B: History of Twentieth-Century Phil. of Science (Okruhlik) - Area: Science
Philosophy 9615B: Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception (Fielding) - Area: M & E
Philosophy 9025B: Plato’s Theory of Forms (Thorp) - Area: History (Ancient)
Philosophy 9026B: John Locke’s Theory of Ideas (Hill) - Area: History
Philosophy 9616B: Consciousness (Bourget) - Area: M & E


Fall Term 2013

9215A: Philosophy of Probability (Hoefer) - Area: Sci
9653A: Proseminar (Smeenk) - Area: n/a
4530F/9278A: Feminist Critiques of Science (Okruhlik) - Area: Sci
9214A: Philosophy of Science (Psillos) - Area: Sci
9019A: The Epicureans (Thorp) - Area: Hist
4071F/9111A: Advanced Topics in Ethics: “Markets and Morals” (Hoffmaster) - Area: MPL
4035F/9020A: Descartes (Hill) - Area: Hist

Winter Term 2014

9109B: Politcal Philosophy (Milde) - Area: MPL
4410F/9611A: Contemporary Issues in the Phil. of Mind (Mendelovici) - Area: M&E
9110B: Ethics (Brennan) - Area: MPL
9212B: Phil. Foundations of Modern Physics (DiSalle) - Area:Hist, Sci
9021B: Plato’s Theaetetus (Henry) - Area: Hist
9300B: Philosophy of Mathematics (Bell) - Area: Sc
9213B: Philosophy of Neuroscience (Sullivan) - Area: Sc, M&E
9112B: Utility, Liberty, Equality: The Case of J. S. Mill (Skelton) - Area: MPL, Hist
4210G/9612B: Problems in Phil of Language: Possible World Semantics (Bourget) - Area: M&E