Graduate Conferences

Philosophy Graduate Student Association Colloquium Series

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Annual Logic, Math, and Physics Conference (LMP)

The annual LMP graduate student conference is entirely organized and run by graduate students in the philosophy department at Western University. The LMP conference is open to paper submissions of 5,000 words on any topic in philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics, and philosophy of physics from graduate students who have not yet defended their PhD thesis. In a typical year, the LMP selects 8 speakers for the two-day conference.

During the two-day conference, each of the selected graduate students has 35-40 minutes to present their philosophy paper, which is then followed a 20-minute critical discussion. This is followed by a keynote talk from a prominent professor in philosophy of logic, math, physics, or some combination thereof. The LMP graduate conference is followed by Western’s annual senior conference in Philosophy of Physics. All faculty speakers invited to the senior conference are invited to attend LMP to provide feedback to student speakers.

The Clifton Memorial Prize is an annual award given to the graduate student who submitted the top paper in the philosophy of physics, in honour of former Western Ontario Professor Robert K. Clifton. This prize is adjudicated by the philosophy of physics faculty members at Western.

Past Keynote speakers include:
2022: Craig Callender
2021: James Weatherall
2020: ------
2019: David Baker
2018: David Wallace
2017: Doreen Fraser
2016: James Ladyman
2015: Elaine Landry
2014: Doreen Fraser
2013: Hans Halvorson
2012: Hartry Field
2011: George Smith
2010: Kevin Kelly
2009: David 
2008: Mark Wilson



PhilMiLCog is Western's annual graduate conference in the Philosophy of Mind, Language, and Cognitive science. This conference is usually scheduled in April or May. 

PhilMiLCog is a truly inter-disciplinary conference which provides an opportunity for graduate students with common interests from various departments in North America and Europe to come together and participate in lively scholarly research. Ph

ilMiLCog has accepted submissions in the Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics and Epistemology of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Linguistics, Computational-Representational and Connectionist Psychology, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Science. Past keynote speakers include:

  • 2018 Sebastian Watzl, Michael L. Anderson, Stefan Kohler
  • 2014 Berit Brogaard, Melvyn Goodale, & Angela Mendelovici
  • 2013 Jody Culham, Edouard Machery, & Jackie Sullivan
  • 2012 Kathleen Akins & Brie Gertler
  • 2011: William G. Lycan & Susan Schneider
  • 2010: Fred Adams & Richard Samuels
  • 2009: Jesse Prinz & John Nicholas
  • 2008: Reinaldo Elugardo & Peter Ludlow
  • 2007: Dorit Bar-On & Keith Simmons
  • 2006: Michael Devitt & Ned Block
  • 2005: Peter Carruthers & Robert Stainton
  • 2004: Ernest Lepore & Chris Viger
  • 2003: David Rosenthal