Reporting Snow-related Hazards

Sample of email reporting snow hazards on campus.

Steps for effectively reporting snow/ice hazards on campus

Acknowledging the priority approach to snow clearing, individuals on campus can report areas that have been left unclear for a significant amount of time.

When notifying FM of snow-related hazards, please include the following;

  • The full name of the building or description of the area
  • If applicable, the exit/entrance number (located above the
    door frame) or a complete description of the location if an exit/entrance number is unknown
  • A description and nature of the hazard
  • A picture. Including landmarks in the frame can be helpful.

FM snow operation is a 24/7 service. Email/online hazard reports are processed during Client Services' regular business hours. To report snow-related hazards outside of those hours, please call anytime; 519-661-3304.