First Year Courses

first year

Students must complete all course and program progression requirements in order to graduate. A part-time study option is not available. All students are enrolled in a predetermined curriculum each term, consisting of clinical and academic course-based work.

Year 1 Chart

Term 1 (Fall Courses) - September to December

  • COMMSCI9510 - Principles of Clinical Audiometry (Fall & Winter)
  • COMMSCI9511 - Applications in Audiometry (Fall & Winter)
  • COMMSCI9512 - Acoustics, Perception & the Auditory System
  • COMMSCI9513 - Electronics and Instrumentation
  • COMMSCI9535 - Aural (re)Habilitation: Theory to Practice
  • COMMSCI9615 - Speech Science
  • COMMSCI9625 - Clinical Applications in Speech Science
  • IPE9801 - Professional Practice
  • IPE9802 - Critical Appraisal

Term 2 (Winter Courses) - January to April

  • COMMSCI9501 - Audiology Practicum I
  • COMMSCI9502 - Audiology Practicum II
  • COMMSCI9510 - Principles of Clinical Audiometry (continued)
  • COMMSCI9511 - Applications in Audiometry (continued)
  • COMMSCI9515 - SLP for Audiology
  • COMMSCI9516 - Auditory Evoked Potentials and Emissions
  • COMMSCI9517 - Physiological Measurement
  • COMMSCI9518 - Foundations of Assistive Hearing Technologies
  • COMMSCI9522 - Professional Practice II
  • IPE9802 - Critical Appraisal (continued)

Term 3 (Summer Courses) - May to August

  • COMMSCI9502 - Audiology Practicum II
  • COMMSCI9519 - Module: Noise I
  • COMMSCI9529 - Module: Instrumentation and Calibration
  • COMMSCI9533 - Noise II

Progression Requirements

Students must complete all course requirements in order to graduate. Progression in the Audiology program is based on each term’s achievement. Each student must achieve at minimum:

  • A passing grade of 60% in all courses
  • A pass in a pass/fail course
  • An average grade of 60% or higher on the individual as opposed to group components of course work in each course
  • Meet any course-specific pass requirements as stipulated in course outlines
  • A passing grade of at least 73% in each clinical placement (practicum) course
  • An overall term average of at least 70%

Program Withdrawal

Withdrawal from the program is mandatory for students who have been unsuccessful in achieving or resolving any of the above progression requirements. A student who has been required to withdraw from the program may petition the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders on medical or compassionate grounds for relief from the requirement to withdraw. Should such a request be granted, the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders will review each individual case and determine the conditions to be met by the student to remain in the program.