Clinical Educators and Interests

  • Audiology

  • Speech-Language Pathology

Chris Allan

Chris Allan
  • Basic and advanced hearing assessment
  • Auditory processing assessment
  • Auditory perception
  • Objective measurement of auditory function

Ioan Curca

Ioan Curca
  • Hearing evaluation
  • Hearing aids
  • Balance and Vestibular screening
  • Tinnitus evaluation and counseling
  • Cochlear and other implantable devices

Christine Meston

Christine Meston
  • Adult and pediatric hearing assessment
  • Treatment and management of hearing and hearing disorders
  • Adult and pediatric audiologic (re)habilitation
  • Ontario Infant hearing program
  • Reflection in clinical education

Jack M. Scott

  • Assessment of hearing and hearing disorders
  • Hearing aids and FM systems
  • Tinnitus assessment and management
  • Cognitive aging
  • Social justice and outreach

Penney Letsos

Penney Letsos
  • Clinical Education
  • Dysphagia

Taslim Moosa

Taslim Moosa
  • Neurogenic and related adult speech and language disorders
  • School age to adult fluency disorders
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Speech, language, and communication in First Nations Communities
  • Social justice in clinical and professional development

Stephanie Somers

Stephanie Somers
  • Assessment and Management of Acquired Neurogenic Speech and Language Disorders
  • Adult Neurogenic Dysphagia
  • Clinical Education
  • Moral Distress in Health Care Practice