Participate in Research

leeper research

Patients of our clinic may be eligible to participate in affiliated research projects, either directly or indirectly. All patients of our clinic are offered a consent form, which allows you to provide or decline your consent to be contacted regarding specific research projects in which you, or your family member, may be eligible to participate. If your information is used, your identity will be protected, and your service provider (audiologist, speech-language pathologist) will protect your information. This type of research is governed by Research Western’s Office of Research Ethics. Each use of our clinic files must be approved by this office.

You may also choose to volunteer to participate in laboratory or clinical studies in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders or the National Centre for Audiology. Our research studies typically investigate the best ways to assess or treat a communication disorder, or they try to understand the underlying processes of communication. Studies come and go, so please contact us about current projects.