Clinic Policies

The H.A. Leeper Speech and Hearing Clinic asks that clients be aware of the policies outlined below.

For more information about these policies, please contact the Clinic front office at 519-661-2021.

Payments and Invoicing

  • Fees for all clinic services are due at the time of service
  • Failure to submit payment in a timely manner can result in termination of services
  • Payment can be submitted in person by cash, cheque, debit or credit (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Clients with ACSD, ODSP, NIHB,WSIB, and VAC are required to complete prior funding approval forms for billing purposes before receiving any hearing equipment (i.e. hearing aids, earmolds and batteries)
    • Clients are responsible for any outstanding balance from denied funding claims or partial approvals
  • The inability to pay will not be a barrier to treatment services, as the Clinic has a Fee Adjustment and Payment Installment application for those who qualify based on financial hardship
    • Financial documentation (i.e. income taxes, bank statement, pay stub) must be submitted with the application for review
    • Copies of the Fee Adjustment and Payment Installment Application are available at the front desk

Attendance Policy

Clients are expected to attend all of their scheduled appointments. If you are unable to attend, we require notification at least 24 hours in advance. Rescheduling of missed appointments is at the discretion of the clinician based on availability. Repeated cancellations may result in being removed from the active client caseload.

No-Show Policy

Clients who miss an appointment without prior notification or communication will be considered as 'no show'. Clients who 'no show' for two (2) consecutive appointments will be removed from the active client caseload and any future appointments will be offered to the next available client on the waiting list.

Late Arrival Policy

We expect clients to be on time for their appointments. If you anticipate a delay on arrival, please notify the Clinic’s front desk office by phone at 519.661.2021. Scheduled appointments will be cancelled if clients arrive 15 minutes past their scheduled appointment time.

Health Care Coverage and Governmental Funding Policy

Clinic services are not covered by health care funding from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). However, clients with extended (supplemental) health care plans or receiving funding from the Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB),Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), or Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC), may have partial or full coverage for hearing services and related equipment. Clients are encouraged to check with their benefit plan(s) for coverage prior to receiving services.

Refunds Policy (Hearing Aids and Earmolds)

Every new hearing aid/FM system purchase includes a 60-day trial period. Returns within the trial period will receive a full refund, except for the cost of earmold(s). Any returns after the 60-day trial period will receive a credit towards the purchase of new aids minus a restocking fee of $200.00 per aid from the date of purchase. Earmolds are non-refundable.

For more information on our services or fees please contact Romina Yepiz, Clinic Manager, 519.661.2111 Ext. 87680 or by email at