Librarians and Archivists (UWOFA-LA)

Board of Governors ratifies UWOFA-LA Agreement – November 21, 2019

Today, Western’s Board of Governors ratified a new four-year collective agreement with the University’s Librarians and Archivists (UWOFA-LA) – which represents 42 members.

The agreement was previously ratified by 89 per cent of UWOFA’s Librarian and Archivist Members on November 4.

As part of the new agreement, UWOFA-LA Members will receive a salary scale increase of 1.0 percent in each of the first three years of the agreement and 1.5 percent in the remaining year. UWOFA-LA’s last agreement expired June 30, 2019.

UWOFA ratifies new tentative agreement – November 4, 2019

By a vote of 89% in favour, UWOFA ratified the Librarians and Archivists Tentative Agreement. The tentative agreement will now be brought to the University’s Board of Governors on November 21, 2019 for ratification.

UWOFA and Western University reach new tentative agreement – October 28, 2019

The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) Librarians and Archivists Bargaining Unit and Western University are pleased to announce they have reached a new tentative agreement.

“This positive outcome of the collective bargaining process resulted from the hard work of the bargaining teams who approached this process with collegiality and good will,” said Karen Campbell, Vice-Provost (Academic Planning, Policy and Faculty).

“This agreement meets important goals on both sides and respects the essential work of this bargaining unit,” said John Ciriello, President of UWOFA.

The agreement is subject to ratification by the members on Nov. 4 and the university’s Board of Governors on Nov. 21.

The parties would also like to extend thanks to provincially appointed conciliator Greg Long for his assistance in negotiations.

Further details about the agreement will be made public once the ratification votes have taken place.

 UWOFA-LA chooses not to ratify tentative collective agreement – October 23, 2019

In a vote that closed on October 22, Western’s librarians and archivists (UWOFA-LA) chose not to ratify the tentative collective agreement that was reached with the university on October 7.

ALL Western operations continue as normal, including classes, courses, deadlines and research.

If a labour disruption were to take place, Western would notify the campus community by email.

Western and UWOFA-LA reach tentative agreement - October 7, 2019

Western University and its Librarians & Archivists (UWOFA-LA) have reached a tentative agreement.
The tentative deal means there will be no strike. All services and operations continue as normal.
UWOFA-LA and Western negotiation teams are recommending to their respective parties to ratify the tentative agreement. Members will receive notification in the near future of dates and times for ratification votes. If members ratify the deal, Western’s Board of Governors would then vote on the agreement.
Terms of the agreement will not be disclosed publicly until after ratification.

Talks continue with UWOFA-LA – September 27, 2019

The University is in negotiations to achieve a collective agreement with Western’s Librarians and Archivists (UWOFA-LA).  Both sides have been working diligently to reach a settlement.

The Ministry of Labour has issued a no-board report and UWOFA-LA members will be in a position to strike as of Tuesday, October 8 at 12:01 a.m. if an agreement has not been reached.

However, this does not mean there will necessarily be a strike. Negotiations continue, and progress is being made to resolve outstanding issues.

ALL Western services continue as normal, including classes, courses, deadlines and research.

As any organization would do, we are making contingency plans to limit any inconvenience that a labour disruption could cause in the event we do not reach a tentative settlement. The university is committed to ensuring students’ experience at Western remains positive and productive. Please refer to sidebar FAQs to address any additional questions you might have.

If a labour disruption were to take place, we would notify you by email and outline the plans that would then be in effect.

UWOFA-LA requests no-board report – September 16

After conciliated talks last week, UWOFA-LA’s negotiating team has asked the province for a no-board report. Seventeen days after that report is issued, the union would be in a position for a work stoppage if a deal isn’t reached before then.

All steps to date have been standard parts of the collective-bargaining process. This latest development does not mean a strike is imminent or inevitable.

Western and UWOFA have made progress during contract talks and more negotiation sessions are planned. We remain hopeful of resolving our issues at the bargaining table.

All Western services continue as normal, and Western is committed to ensuring students’ experience at Western remains positive and productive.

Western and librarians and archivists working towards settlement: August 22

Western librarians and archivists (UWOFA-LA) have given their negotiating team a strike mandate in a vote conducted this week. The vote was not unexpected and is a standard part of the contract-bargaining process; it does not mean a labour disruption is imminent or inevitable.

More bargaining sessions are scheduled into September; when a conciliator is expected to join the parties at the bargaining table.

UWOFA-LA have a history of working professionally through contract talks and we continue to work hard at reaching a new agreement at the bargaining table.

Talks to resume August 19 and conciliation filing

Western University and its Librarians and Archivists (UWOFA-LA) will continue negotiations on August 19 following a summer hiatus. Talks have progressed collegially to date and the University expects this to continue and progress towards settlement. However, UWOFA-LA has filed for conciliation and scheduled a strike vote for August 21. Conciliation is a process where a third-party conciliator assists the parties in reaching an agreement. Both conciliation and the strike vote are a standard part of the collective-bargaining process and do not mean a labour disruption is imminent or inevitable.

Negotiations take a one-month pause, July 19

Bargaining discussions between Western and its Librarians and Archivists (UWOFA-LA) have been progressing collegially and have now paused for a summer break. Talks are scheduled to resume late August.

University, Librarians and Archivists talks begin June 11, 2019

Contract talks between Western University and its Librarians and Archivists (UWOFA-LA) began on June 11. The current four-year contract expires on June 30, 2019.