Funding Recipients

2017-2018 External Research Grants Awarded

Name Dept. Competition  Amount  Title
Elizabeth Greene CS SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants $ 21,375.00 Creating Global Research Access to Unique Data Sets: An Academic-Heritage Sector Partnership
Bipasha Baruah WSFR SSHRC Insight Grant $ 230,760.00 How to promote social equity in the global green economy
Andrew Botterell and Jason Neyers PHIL SSHRC Insight Grant $ 87,846.00 Deceit and Per Quod: A Rights-Based Perspective
Joyce Bruhn de Garavito MLL SSHRC Insight Grant $ 88,434.00 Acquisition of the syntax and semantics of silence
Mary Helen McMurran EWS SSHRC Insight Grant $ 20,732.00 The philosophy and poetics of embodied soul, 1680-1750
Kirsty Robertson VA SSHRC Insight Grant $ 82,353.00 Somewhat natural histories: micromuseums and new museology
Wayne Myrvold PHIL SSHRC Connection Grant $ 19,127.00 Theromodynamics as a Resource Theory: Philosophical and Foundational Implications
Michael Anderson PHIL SSHRC Connection Grant $ 24,554.00 Understanding Replication Across the Sciences
Juan Luis Suarez and Anjali Gera-Roy MLL Shastri Research Grant (SRG) $ 6,500.00 Documenting the Vanishing Legacy of Hereditary Patuas (Scroll painters) of West Bengal
Allan Pero EWS SSHRC AID TO SCHOLARLY JOURNALS $ 30,242.75 ESC: English Studies in Canada
David Bourget PHIL ORF Small Infrastructure Fund $ 200,000.00 PhilNet: A Research Tool for Digital Philosophy
Chris Smeenk and Jim Weatherall PHIL John Templeton Foundation Grant $ 1,752,134.78 New Directions in Philosophy of Cosmology
Nandi Bhatia & Anjali Gera-Roy EWS Indian Council of Social Science $10,000 "After Partition: Postmemories of Partition 1947"
Allan Pero EWS SSHRC AID TO SCHOLARLY JOURNALS  $30,242.75 ESC: English Studies in Canada
Yasaman Rafat MLL SSHRC INSIGHT DEVELOPMENT GRANTS  $67,286.00 Second language speech production, processing and reading of highly proficient bilinguals living in Canada: What does orthography have to do with it?
David Bourget PHIL CFI JELF  $200,000.00 PhilNet: A Research Tool for Digital Philosophy
Bipasha Baruah WSFR Faber, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency  $6,000.00 Faber Residency on Feminism
Bipasha Baruah WSFR CRC TIER II SSHRC CHAIR  $500,000.00 CRC in Global Women's Issues
Charles Weijer PHIL CIHR PROJECT GRANT (co-applicant)  $200,000.00 Developing a framework for the ethical design and conduct of pragmatic trials to improve the quality and value of health care systems and practices
Total Funding       $3,547,344.53  


2017-2018 Internal Research Grants Awarded

Name Dept. Competition Amount Title
Patrick Mahon Distinguished University Professor $ 10,000.00
Corey Dyck Faculty Scholar $ 14,000.00
Sarah Bassnett Faculty Scholar $ 14,000.00
Aara Suksi FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,330.00 "The Autobiographies of Andromakhe and Phoinix in the Iliad: the rhetoric of hyperkinship"
Bernd Steinbock FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,330.00 The Limits of Athenian Memory Politics: The Trauma of the Sicilian Expedition
Charles Stocking FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,358.00 "Return to Philology?"
Randall Pogorzelski FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,330.00 Seneca's Theban Empire
Allan Pero FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,000.00 Benign Fiesta Conference
Alyssa MacLean FRDF Conference Travel $ 433.00 Build that Wall? Contemporary Rhetorics of Canada-US Border Crossing
Mary Helen McMurran FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,000.00 Nature Worship in Eighteenth-Century Paganology
Michael Raine FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,700.00 Ubiquity, Propinquity, and Pose: Ishihara Yujiron and para-cinematic celebrity culture in 1950s Japan
Steven Bruhm FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,450.00 International Gothic Association
Tobias Nagl FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,000.00 100 Years UFA: International Symposium (CineGraph-Babelsberg)
Tunji Osinubi FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,500.00 Black America and New African Fiction
Servanne Woodward FRDF Conference Travel $ 800.00 De l'etrange expression de l'intimite avec Vigee-Lebrun
Ana Garcia-Allen FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,000.00 "An Intergenerational Community-Engaged Language and Cultural Program: Spanish Seniors & Spanish L2 Learners"
Angela Borchert FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,300.00 Sociable Constellations and Print Culture around 1800: Berlin - Weimar
Joyce Bruhn de Garavito FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,500.00 Languages in contact and bilingualism: the case of reduplication of the object in contact Spanish.
Luca Pocci FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,600.00 Getting Lost: Drifting as an Aesthetic and a Political Reality
Anthony Skelton FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,300.00 On Adolescent Refusals of Life-Prolonging Medical Treatment
Christopher Smeenk FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,000.00 Probing the Spacetime Fabric
Corey Dyck FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,500.00 Russia Conference Travel
Robert Stainton FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,200.00 "Use-Theoretic Meaning, Register and Slurs"
Christine Sprengler FRDF Conference Travel $ 2,100.00 Returning Home in the Metamodern Nostalgia Film
Kirsty Robertson FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,000.00 Tear Gas Epiphanies: Protest, Culture, Museums
Miranda Green-Barteet FRDF Conference Travel $ 1,700.00 "Pure, unadulterated freedom" : Public and Private Belonging in Harriet Jacob's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Alyssa MacLean FRDF Research $ 4,900.00 America's Canada: Hemisphreic Literary Relations and the Construction of US Citizenship, 1830-1865
Janelle Blankenship FRDF Research $ 4,000.00 Science on the Screen: From Henry Morton's Megascope to Early Talkies
Kim Solga FRDF Research $ 6,500.00 Theatre and Performance vs the "Crisis in the Humanities": Creative Pedagogies, Neoliberal Realities
Richard Moll FRDF Research $ 4,000.00 Gerard Legh's Accedens of Armory: An Edition
Tobias Nagl FRDF Research $ 5,800.00 From Telepahty and Fantasies of 'Electrical TV' to Technonationalism: Fascist Futures in the Work of German Science Ficton Writer Hans Dominik (1872-1945)
Ileana Paul FRDF Research $ 7,000.00 Discourse particles and intonation in Malagasy dialects
Ana Garcia-Allen FRDF Research $ 2,600.00 "Empowering Language Learners: Flipping the Spanish Classroom"
Joyce Bruhn de Garavito FRDF Research $ 5,000.00 Restructuring and the position of pronouns in the Spanish of Early and Late Bilingual speakers
Carolyn McLeod FRDF Research $ 5,700.00 The Status Quo on Parental Licensing: A Critique
Dennis Klimchuk FRDF Research $ 1,469.00 Hugo Grotius on Crime and Punishment
Jackie Sullivan FRDF Research $ 5,700.00 Tracking conceptual change in psychology and its implications for precision medicine
Daniela Sneppova FRDF Research $ 6,900.00 Bioblitz/Biobliss
Katherine McKenna FRDF Research $ 5,000.00 Women's Status and Gender Roles in Pre and Early Colonial Tanzania
Jonathan Boulter Graham & Gale Wright Distinguished Scholar $ 5,000.00
Constanza Burucúa Graham & Gale Wright Distinguished Scholar $ 5,000.00
Constanza Burucúa International Research Networks $ 5,000.00 Latin America in the Film Festival Circuit
Robert Stainton International Research Networks $ 3,495.00 Collaborations in linguistics with University of Ghana School of Languages
Charles Stocking SSHRC Internal Research and Travel $ 3,981.00 Power, Force, and the Poetics of the Agon in Archaic Greece Four Lectures at the Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales
Elizabeth Greene SSHRC Internal Research and Travel $ 6,845.00 Women and Families in Roman Military Communities: Presentation of Results in Europe and North America
Michael Arntfield SSHRC Internal Research and Travel $ 7,000.00 The Murder Accountability Project Canada
Karin Schwerdtner SSHRC Internal Research and Travel $ 7,000.00 Francoise d'Eaubonne and Simone de Beauvoir: Letters Between Friends
Servanne Woodward SSHRC Internal Research and Travel $ 2,056.00 Visageites elusives/ The Evasive Qualities of Facial Portraiture
Corey Dyck SSHRC Internal Research and Travel $ 5,489.00 Reconsidering the Significance of J. N. Tetens (1736-1796)
Marjorie Ratcliffe UWO Faculty Association $ 6,000.00 Heinicke Memorial Service Award
Kelly Olson VPR Research Support $ 4,941.00 SSHRC Insight Reapplication Assistance
Joyce Bruhn de Garavito VPR Research Support $ 5,000.00 SSHRC Insight Reapplication Assistance
Louis Charland VPR Research Support $ 4,748.99 SSHRC Insight Reapplication Assistance
Tracy Isaacs VPR Research Support $ 1,000.00
Kirsty Robertson VPR Research Support $ 5,000.00 SSHRC Insight Reapplication Assistance
Michael Arntfield Western Humanities Award $ 5,000.00
Alena Robin Western Strategic Support SSHRB Seed Grant $ 24,566.00 Collecting Latin American art in Canada
Bernd Steinbock Western Strategic Support SSHRB Seed Grant $ 16,997.00 The trauma of the Sicilian expedition in Athenian social memory.
Mark McDayter Western Strategic Support SSHRB Seed Grant $ 24,390.00 Ratts, rumps and royalists: Topicality and history in cavalier verse satire.
Carolyn McLeod Western Strategic Support SSHRB Seed Grant $ 17,578.00 In the name of permanency: Expanding employment insurance benefits for adoptive parents
Kirsty Robertson Western Strategic Support SSHRB Seed Grant $ 11,914.00 Museums and activism: A workshop
Kate Stanley Western Strategic Support SSHRB Seed Grant $ 20,930.00 Varieties of American pedagogy.
Karin Schwerdtner Western Strategic Support SSHRB Seed Grant $ 7,294.00 Letter to and from Simone de Beauvoir: 30 years of epistolary mentorship.
Joel Faflak VPR Research Support $ 5,000.00 SSHRC Insight Reapplication Assistance
Nandi Bhatia International Research Networks $ 5,000.00
Total      $  357,224.99  



2016-17 External Research Grants Awarded

Name Competition Amount
Elizabeth Greene SSHRC Connection  $24,650.00
Elizabeth Greene Early Researcher Award $140,000.00
Alison Conway SSHRC Connection $17,245.00
Joshua Schuster SSHRC Insight Grant  $66,800.00
Anne Schuurman SSHRC Insight Grant  $29,425.00
Genevieve De Viveiros SSSHRC Insight Development Grant  $42,395.00
John Nassichuk SSHRC Insight Grant $86,725.00
Jeff Tennant SSHRC Insight Grant  $132,685.00
Ileana Paul SSHRC INSIGHT GRANT (co-applicant) $10,000.00
Christopher Smeek MITACS INC  $15,000.00
Corey Dyck Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme  $87,781.00
Robert Stainton SSHRC Insight Grant $51,460.00
Corey Dyck SSHRC Connection  $7,277.00
Charles Weijer CIHR Innovative Clinical Trials  $266,000.00
Markus Mueller FQXi - FOUNDATIONAL QUESTIONS INST  $101,574.00
Patrick Mahon SSHRC Connection $12,500.00
Sarah Bassnett SSHRC Insight Grant $95,819.00
Kelly Jazvac SSHRC Insight Grant  $273,315.00
Erica Lawson SSHRC Insight Grant $110,075.00
Bipasha Baruah SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis $25,000.00
Total Funding Total                392,891.02

2016-17 Internal Research Grants Awarded

Name Competition Amount
Green, Elizabeth VPR funding  1,000.00
Wilson, David FRDF Research 3,135.00
Olson, Kelly FRDF Conference Travel 609.17
Suksi, Aara FRDF Conference Travel 1,725.55
Olson, Kelly Western Strategic Support - SSHRB Open Research Grant  13,122.00
Lee, Alison FRDF Research 4,050.00
Phu, Thy Faculty Scholar 14,000.00
Falkowska, Janina VPR Funding for 4A for SSHRC Connection 2,000.00
Traister, Bryce on behalf of the English Department VPR Funding 6,000.00
Conway, Alison VPR Funding  1,750.00
McMurran, Mary Helen VPR 4A Funding for SSHRC Insight 5,000.00
Toswell, Jane FRDF Research 6,650.00
Stanley, Kate FRDF Research 5,000.00
McDayter, Mark FRDF Research 5,800.00
Blakenship, Janelle FRDF Conference Travel 2,500.00
Toswell, Jane FRDF Conference Travel 1,356.30
Schuurman, Anne Western Strategic Support - SSHRB Open Research Grant  25,000.00
Traister, Bryce  Western Strategic Support - SSHRB Open Research Grant  13,137.00
Nassichuk, John FRDF Research 3,900.00
Schwerdtner, Karin FRDF Research 5,000.00
Tennant, Jeff FRDF Research 6,675.00
Nassichuk, John FRDF Conference Travel 2,139.50
Paul, Ileana FRDF Conference Travel 1,994.00
Schwerdtner, Karin FRDF Conference Travel 1,791.49
Tennant, Jeff FRDF Conference Travel 1,632.61
Woodward, Servanne FRDF Conference Travel 1,500.00
Longtin, Mario Western Strategic Support - SSHRB Open Research Grant  24,292.00
Suarez, Juan Luis VPR 4A Funding for SSHRC Insight 5,000.00
Bruhn de Garavito, Joyce VPR 4A Funding for SSHRC Insight 5,000.00
Perpinan, Silvia VPR 4A Funding for SSHRC IDG 5,000.00
Caracchini, Cristina  International Curriculum Fund 16,000.00
de Looze, Laurence FRDF Research 5,440.00
Burucua, Constanza FRDF Research 6,650.00
Rafat, Yasaman FRDF Research 6,000.00
Burucua, Constanza FRDF Conference Travel 2,500.00
de Looze, Laurence FRDF Conference Travel 1,924.55
Rafat, Yasaman FRDF Conference Travel 845.23
Rafat, Yasaman Western Strategic Support - SSHRB Open Research Grant  24,025.00
Myvold, Wayne Graham and Gail Wright 5,000.00
Dyck, Corey VPR Funding 1,500.00
Isaacs, Tracy VPR Funding 1,000.00
Myvold, Wayne VPR Funding  1,500.00
Sullivan, Jacqueline VPR Funding 5,000.00
Charland, Louis Catalyst Grant (Rotman) 18,000.00
Mueller, Markus Catalyst Grant (Rotman) 24,000.00
Brush, Kathy Distinuished University Professor 10,000.00
Wood, Kelly Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada 2,500.00
Jazvac, Kelly VPR 4A Funding for SSHRC Insight 5,000.00
Bassnett, Sarah FRDF Research 6,456.00
Robertson, Kirsty FRDF Research 6,000.00
Barteet, Cody FRDF Conference Travel 1,471.82
Bassnett, Sarah FRDF Conference Travel 1,042.00
Robertson, Kirsty FRDF Conference Travel 1,587.19
Bassnett, Sarah Western Strategic Support - SSHRB Open Research Grant  15,668.00
Lawson, Erica Graham and Gail Wright 5,000.00
Polzer, Jessica FRDF Research 6,000.00
Green-Barteet, Miranda FRDF Research 6,750.00
Brennan, Samantha FRDF Conference Travel 1,499.87
Green-Barteet, Miranda FRDF Conference Travel 1,319.74
Pearson, Wendy FRDF Conference Travel 2,500.00
Lawson, Erica Western Strategic Support - SSHRB Open Research Grant  24,952.00
Total Funding Total                392,891.02

2015-2016 External Research Grants Awarded

Name Competition  Amount 
Arntfield, Michael Fulbright Visiting Research Chair  25,000.00
Baruah, Bipasha SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis 25,000.00
Baruah, Bipasha Mitacs Accerlerate Internship 15,000.00
Bentley, David Killiam Prize 100,000.00
Bhatia, Nandi & Hubel, Teresa (Huron) SSHRC Insight Grant 152,784.00
Borchert, Angela Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Faculty Research Exchange 8,250.00
Hoffmaster, Barry CIHR Catalyst Grant (co-ap) 98,884.00
Jazvac, Kelly Canada Council for Arts Travel Grant 1,500.00
Jazvac, Kelly Canada Council Visual Arts Project Grant 10,500.00
Jazvac, Kelly Centre for Environment and Sustainability Seed Grant  5,000.00
Moll, Richard SSHRC Insight Grant         56,030.00
Myrvold, Wayne SSHRC Connection Grant         22,786.00
Osinubi, Taiwo SSHRC Connection Grant         25,000.00
Pearson, Wendy Bremen University (co-ap)         22,198.77
Perpinan, Silvia Retos Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (co-ap)         30,000.00
Phu, Thy Senior Research Fellowship at the Asian Research Institute at the National Univeristy of Singapore  
Phu, Thy SSHRC Partnership Development Grant        199,925.00
Robertson, Kirsty Yasua Sakakibara Prize  
Smeenk, Christopher John Templeton Foundation        266,346.25
Suarez, Juan Luis OCE VIPI Program         19,985.00
Suarez, Juan Luis GEM-2 Call for Multidisciplinary Grants (co-ap)        30,438.00
Suarez, Juan Luis SOSCIP HQP Support Fund          38,000.00
Sullivan, Jackie SSHRC Connection Grant         23,405.00
Traister, Bryce Eccles Centre Visiting Canadian Fellow in North American Studies Award          4,624.49
Vaillancourt, Daniel SSHRC Insight Grant          61,102.00

2014-2015 External Research Grants Awarded

Bentley, David Killam Prize 100,000
Emberley, Julia

SSHRC Insight Grant

Conway, Alison SSHRC Insight Grant 82,525
Keep, Christopher SSHRC Connection Grants 20,994
Leclerc, Jean SSHRC Connection Grants 17,760
Desjardins, Eric SSHRC Connection Grants 18,127
Dyck, Corey Canadian Journal of Philosophy 2,000
Osinubi, Taiwo Princeton Institute for International Studies and the Princeton University Centre for African American Studies 17,500
Rajan, Tilottama CRC Tier 1 Chair 1,400,000
Rajan, Tilottama Fellowship at Centre for Research in Arts, Humanities , and Social Science in Cambridge (CRASSH) 1,400,000
Ruffo, Sebastien Ontario Online Initiative grant 75,000
Migone, Christof Toronto Arts Council, Media Arts Project Grant 6,000
Migone, Christof Toronto Arts Council, Media Arts Project Grant 10,000
Migone, Christof Canada Council for Arts Travel Grant 2,500
Migone, Christof Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance 1,000
Darby, David Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Faculty Research Exchange 7,000
Bhatia, Nandi Indian Council of Social Science Research


TOTAL 1,875,524.70
WITHOUT CRC 475,524.70

2015-2016 Internal Research Grants Awarded (to date)

Name Dept. Competition Amount
Barker, Gillian Phil SIRF  (Rotman) 5,000.00
Barteet, Cody VA FRDF Research  6,995.00
Baruah, Bipasha WSFR Faculty Scholar 14,000.00
Bassnett, Madeline EWS FRDF Conference Travel 1,170.00
Bassnett, Sarah VA FRDF Conference Travel 705.00
Bhatia, Nandi EWS VPR SSHRC 4A funding 7,000.00
Blakenship, Janelle Film FRDF Conference Travel 770.00
Borchert, Angela MLL International Curriculum Fund 24,000.00
Borchert, Angela MLL TSC Teaching Fellows Program 40,000.00
Brennan, Samantha WSFR FRDF Conference Travel 1,500.00
Brown, C and Steinbock, B CS International Curriculum Fund 15,000.00
Brush, Kathy VA FRDF Research  4,000.00
Burrucua, Constanza MLL FRDF Research  5,000.00
Darby, David MLL FRDF Conference Travel 1,500.00
de Viveiros, Geneviève  FR VPR 4A funding for IDG 5,000.00
Green-Barteet, Miranda WSFR VPR 4A funding for IDG 5,000.00
Green-Barteet, Miranda WSFR FRDF Conference Travel 1,234.00
Jazvac, Kelly VA VPR SSHRC 4A funding 7,000.00
Kidnie, M.J and Solga, Kim EWS International Curriculum Fund 15,000.00
Lawson-Hellu, Late FR FRDF Conference Travel 1,986.00
Leonard, John EWS FRDF Conference Travel 1,000.00
Leonard, John EWS FRDF Research  5,000.00
Leonard, John EWS Distinguished University Professorship 10,000.00
McLeod, Carolyn Phil SIRF  (Rotman) 10,000.00
McLeod, Carolyn Phil Faculty Scholar 14,000.00
Nassichuk, John FR FRDF Research  3,000.00
Olson, Kelly CS FRDF Conference Travel 1,000.00
Olson, Kelly CS FRDF Research  5,000.00
Osinubi, Tunji EWS FRDF Conference Travel 1,500.00
Pearson, Wendy WSFR FRDF Conference Travel 1,002.00
Perpinan, Silvia MLL International Curriculum Fund 6,435.00
Perpinan, Silvia MLL FRDF Conference Travel 1,865.00
Phu, Thy EWS VPR 4A funding Partnership Grant 7,000.00
Rafat, Yasaman MLL VPR 4A funding for IDG 5,000.00
Rafat, Yasaman MLL SSHRB Seed Grant 14,697.00
Robertson, Kirsty VA VPR 4A funding for IDG 5,000.00
Robertson, Kirsty VA FRDF Conference Travel 1,000.00
Robertson, Kirsty VA FRDF Research  3,500.00
Schuster, Joshua EWS FRDF Conference Travel 1,500.00
Schwerdtner, Karin FR FRDF Research  3,800.00
Skelton, Anthony Phil VUSP 2,550.00
Smeenk, Christopher Phil SIRF (Rotman) 26,000.00
Solga, Kim EWS FRDF Conference Travel 1,349.00
Stanley, Kate EWS FRDF Conference Travel 1,545.00
Stocking, Charles CS FRDF Conference Travel 1,650.00
Suárez, Juan Luis MLL Faculty of Science Distinguished Interdisciplinary Research Professorship 40,000.00
Suarez, Juna Luis MLL VPR SSHRC 4A funding 7,000.00
Vaillancourt, Daniel FR VPR SSHRC 4A funding 7,000.00
Woodward, Servanne FR FRDF Conference Travel 1,500.00
Total    351,753.00

2014-2015 Internal Research Grants Awarded


Weijer, Charles

ROTMAN FUNDS Catalyst Grant 5,000
Brennan, Samantha ROTMAN FUNDS Catalyst Grant 2,500
Smeenk, Christopher ROTMAN FUNDS Catalyst Grant 9,500
Brennan, Samantha FRDF - TRAVEL 1,276.89
Toswell, Jane FRDF - TRAVEL 1,432.69
Conway, Alison FRDF - TRAVEL 1,746.54
Jones, Manina FRDF - TRAVEL 1,166.22
DeLooze, Laurence FRDF - TRAVEL 1,505.79
Klimchuk, Dennis FRDF - TRAVEL 1,735.32
Borchert, Angela FRDF - TRAVEL 1,273.19
Bassnett, Sarah FRDF - TRAVEL 1,527.99
Nousek, Debra FRDF - TRAVEL 1,926.68
Longtin, Mario FRDF - TRAVEL 1,561.81
Schwerdtner, Karin FRDF - TRAVEL 1,751.19 
McMurran, Mary Helen FRDF - TRAVEL 1,027.57 
Steinbock, Bernd FRDF - TRAVEL 748.65
Perpinan, Silvia FRDF - TRAVEL 1,947.88 
Sullivan, Jacqueline FRDF - TRAVEL 1,308.12 
Osinubi,Taiwo Adetunji FRDF - TRAVEL 1,985.55
Heap, David FRDF - RESEARCH 2,500 
Mahon, Patrick FRDF - RESEARCH 5,500 
Robertson, Kirsty FRDF - RESEARCH 5,500
Rafat, Yasaman FRDF - RESEARCH 6,202.92
McTaggart, Anne FRDF - RESEARCH 5,500
Raine, Michael FRDF - RESEARCH 3,875 
Stanley, Kate FRDF - RESEARCH 2,500 
Stocking, Charles FRDF - RESEARCH 6,500 
Bhatia, Nandi VPR SSHRC 4A funding 7,000 
Vaillancourt, Daniel VPR SSHRC 4A funding 7,000 
Jazvac, Kelly VPR SSHRC 4A funding 7,000 
Suarez, Juan Luis VPR SSHRC 4A funding 7,000
Conway, Alison Faculty Scholar 14,000
Bhatia, Nandi SSHRB - BRIDGE GRANT 20,000
Vaillancourt, Daniel SSHRB - BRIDGE GRANT 21,074 
Perpinan, Silvia SSHRB - BRIDGE GRANT 22,230.80 
Bruhn de Garavito, Joyce VUSP 1,221.25 
Borchert, Angela VUSP 1,100 
Stocking, Charles SSHRB - SEED GRANT 5,000
 TOTAL FUNDING 191,626.05