Program Requirements

Once a student has met all the eligibility criteria, has applied, and has secured an internship, they are enrolled in the Arts & Humanities Internship.

The internship will appear on your transcript as ARTHUM 3000A/B/Y. This is a Pass/Fail course that counts as 0.5 academic credit towards the 20.0-credit graduation requirement.  

Click here for the Arts and Humanities Internship (ARTHUM 3000A/B/Y) course outline. 

As with other courses, there are specific internship agreements and assignments that MUST be submitted for successful completion of ARTHUM 3000A/B/Y (see below).

These internship forms and assignments are: 

Student and Internship Partner Agreement

Defines and gives the details of the internship and outlines the student’s and internship supervisor’s responsibilities for the duration of the internship.

Internship Agreement

Explains the purpose of an internship and outlines the responsibilities of the student, the internship supervisor, and the Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

A short activity that the student must complete in consultation with their internship supervisor early in their internship. This activity helps the student establish goals for the internship, which will later help the student articulate their learning from the internship experience.

Midpoint Check-In

Halfway through the internship, both the student and internship supervisor are required to assess the progress of the internship up to that point.

Final Report

At the end of the internship, the student completes a final report that details their experience; considers their expectations, challenges, and personal and professional development; and relates their experience to their coursework and program of study. The supervisor must also complete a Final Evaluation.

Internship Reflection

At the end of the internship, the student must submit either a video reflection or written reflection that highlights their internship experience and what they learned. The Internship Reflection must be submitted at the same time as the Final Report.

The Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant will send all the forms and assignments mentioned above. Students have 7 days to complete each form/assignment from when they receive it from the Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant.  

Please contact with any questions about the requirements mentioned above. 

Note: Each student must monitor their email account for the duration of the internship for emails and reminders about internship agreements, forms, and assignments. 

Fees & Payment

Administrative Fee

Students are required to pay a $150 administrative fee for all internships found through Western Connect. The fee is waived if the student finds their own internship or if the internship is unpaid.

Course Fee

The internship course counts as a 0.5 academic credit. A 0.5 standard academic course fee applies. 

The course fee is payable to the Office of the Registrar when the student is registered into the internship course (ARTHUM 3000A/B/Y) on Western Connect.

The course fee must be paid, even if:

  • You accept an internship offer, sign the contract, and then drop out of the offer prior to the beginning of the work term;
  • You begin an internship work term and subsequently terminate your employment early (subject to cause of termination);
  • You complete the 4-month probationary period, and your internship employment is terminated (for any reason). Applies to 8-month work terms only.
Internship fees are NOT refundable but are tax deductible.

OSAP Eligibility

You may be eligible for grant and/or loan funding through the Ontario Student Assistance Program* (OSAP) to assist with internship course tuition fees.

If you are only enrolled in the internship course (0.5 academic credit), you must apply through the Part-Time Canada Student Loan & Grant Program. You should apply as early as possible to avoid delays. The deadline to apply and submit all required documents for a short-term internship (10-16 weeks in length) is no later than 6 weeks prior to the end of the study period. Please keep checking the status of your application through your online OSAP account.

If you are eligible for aid, the Financial Aid Office at Western will email you to let you know when your funding is available for pick-up. If you cannot pick up your funding in person during office hours due to internship commitments, please complete and submit the Letter of Direction/Mailing Authorization Form (pdf) by the deadline noted above.

If you are enrolled in the internship course (0.5 academic credit) and other coursework (maximum 0.5 additional course credit while out on full-time internship), please contact to connect with a Financial Aid Officer to review funding eligibility.

*Must be OSAP-eligible; visit OSAP for eligibility requirements. Out-of-province students should contact their provincial lender for funding inquiries.